LSS: Slide Over by Baby Bash

I haven’t written about songs for a while.  And now I’m having this major LSS over Baby Bash’s song Slide Over.

Baby Bash is cool, I met him twice.  One night in 2007 at Alchemy for Boy’s Night Out event.  And the other time when he went back for Then and Now Concert.  I made sure to get a picture with him this time Smile

Yeah, we’re close like that haha! Holler at yow boi!

Check out the original version on YouTube, but I’m posting a cover by theassociatesmusic.

Sexy song Smile

Fine… here’s Baby Bash’s original version… Whoever the couple is in the video – I JELESSS!

Here’s the lyrics:

Slide Over Lyrics by Baby Bash ft. Miguel

Off the top


Slide over

Mami let me get in your ear

Let me sprinkle you with some of this here

You’s a cutie pie, butterfly

I just wanna see you smile

Slide over (Yeah)

You should resist a bit of your time

Soak it up let it get in your mind

Cause I’m so really feeling you, I’m so really digging you

I’m so just ..

Slide across the leather let me feel your body heat

Let me get you in the mood while you’re turning up the beat

Spea-Speakers bumping loud vibrating down the streetYou ain’t no average girl so you need someone unique

Scrape-Scraping down the block in a cady whipping new shoes

All up in my ear telling me what she gon do

And she all on my cologne like some cat scratch fever

Telling me no Mami’s gonna match that either

Haters might chatter but we really ain’t trippin’ though

Long as me and you baby boo know it’s really though

Haters might chatter but we really ain’t trippin’ though

Long as me and you baby boo know it’s really though

Now you as hot as heat of Summer girl but cold as the snow

That’s right but anything’s possible but nothing’s for sure

Your smile’s worth a million bucks and girl I’m feeling your flow

I can’t lie I’m so addicted to your beautiful glowLet me find out your love going to Vegas

First class flights five star accommodationsAnd we can get our money on and I’ma love you long

Give you the key to mi corazon turn your house into a home

Then hit the galleria, go out for Margaritas

Rock star sweet desire for another

Leave us

Let’s thicken the whole plot the question ain’t why

Baby boo it’s why not
I just want you close to me


Oh’Cause this, this is where you supposed to be ooh

So just

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