Marriott Cafe’s Teppanyaki Station

My heart (or rather my stomach) always has a soft spot for Japanese cuisine.  When I heard Marriott Cafe is opening up a new Teppanyaki Station, I was ecstatic!  Everytime I dine here, I always end up getting sushis and sashimis apart from the varried array of food Marriott Cafe offers.
Marriott Cafe launched their newest Teppanyaki station

I must say, this feat is a "BLOCKBUSTER!" The Teppanyaki station was so much in demand and I would like to congratulate our friends from Marriott for this! Flavor wise, it did not dissappoint! Just by editing these photos makes me want to rush to Marriott now for a buffet!

Marriott cafe added a teppanyaki station just recently, grilling fresh and meaty choices of seafood, fish, beef, pork and chicken.  Chef Meik Brammer is sure to set your mood right to make everything tastier and satisfying in all aspects from the grill to the plate.
Teppanyaki is one of my comfort food list I cannot resit but just indulge.  It is derived from the word "Teppan" or iron plate.  This side of the buffet is loaded with the following choices
  • Gyuniko – diced beef tenderloin with vegetable in teppanyaki sauce
  • Tori – diced chicken with vegetable in teppanyaki sauce
  • Shake Teppanyaki – Salmon fillet with vegetable in special sauce 
  • Kaisen – mixed seafood with vegetable in sweet and spicy garlic sauce


Price: P 1,650 from Sunday to Thursday P 1,850 on Friday and Saturday P 2,000 for Sunday lunch


Marbled dice US beef tenderloin is a must-try.  Soft, subtle yet intense flavor added with a special teppanyaki sauce.  You can ask the chef to have the meat cooked in your liking – medium rare, or well done.

Ask for a combo.  Kaisen will surely hit your taste buds with shrimps, tuna, salmon and squid especially if you are on a pescarian diet. 

It’s your choice!  Put vegetables such as beansprout, cabbage, carrot, green bell pepper, white onion, zucchini, red bell pepper or celery.  It will surely add to the taste of your liking!

We added rice to our beef Teppanyaki.  Convert it to a complete meal by adding rice whipped up with meat sauce and spices resulting to an aromatic golden brown dish!

Although there isn’t really a secret ingredient when it comes to teppanyaki, the meat, sauces, and a precise hand in seasoning will spike just about anything from the interest to experience. And executive chef Meik understands this, so he made sure that every mouthful leaves anyone happy by having a devoted and an expert teppan chef preparing the ingredients fresh, hot, and fast while keeping in mind the entertaining aspect of the station.

While Teppanyaki is the new star section of Marriott Café, the thoughtful daily menu in the buffet from appetizer to dessert can never be left behind in its execution—leaving the choices and great memories almost endless!


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Marriott Café
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