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A few days ago, I received a very special invite to embark on a fun road trip with two other bloggers.  Of course, I am very happy to know I will be having a Flair Adventure with Ada of and Nikki of

The Bloggers

Ada has been one of the first bloggers I met in the Pinoy Blogosphere. :)  She’s a Nurse by profession, but her blog does not contain anything about nursing.  She blogs about Travel, Food, Photography and more… Trust me folks, she takes the BEST PHOTOS out of simple subjects and gives more flavor to famous landmarks!


This was taken about 3 years ago and ever since, a lot has happened for us!

That’s Ada on the brown jacket, and me wearing that California Navy blue shirt

Make sure to follow her lovely photos and fun experiences at

Nikki has been one of the famous beauty bloggers I know in the Philippines.  We met at a fashion event by finding out that we both had something in common at that time – that is, to take photos of those hot male models *yum* 😉

I’m so excited to get to know Nikki more because I am a fan of her!  I want to learn how to paint my nails, and improve my makeup more with her… So, my dear Nikki, I will make kulit you for quick lessons 😛


We don’t have a picture together (yet) but Nikki is the one in the middle 🙂

Make sure to check out her latest tips on beauty and fashion at

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