Micamyx is my choice

Micamyx is my choice for Philippine Blog Award’s Blogger’s Choice!



OMG Are you FREAKIN SERIOUS! She’s like one of the first persons I knew in the Philippine Blogosphere and you know what that means… she reaches out to newbies… newbie like I was before!  I have all the reasons to definitely vote for her!

She’s a really great writer and I admire her very much for that!  Perhaps it’s because she has converted every experience she had (or her friends’) into a creative writing.  She can produce great scripts for a movie at a coffee shop with just pen and paper!  Really she’s a great talent waiting to shine!  There is no doubt I’m voting for her and well isn’t it obvious who my choice is by now?

Not only is she professional in her writing but she can direct as well!  Check out her site micamyx.com for samples of her movies.   I know if just given the right logistics (even if not coz she’s very resourceful) she could direct and produce an awesome film!  I’m so damn proud of this girl!

She has been a blogger for quite a long time now and I am not pretty sure where she started but blogging has been with her ever since we all were just writing journal entries in our Diaries lol

What’s amazing about this girl is not only her online activities but offline as well!  She’s really a good sibling to Carlo, a good daughter to her parents and a very lovely apo to her grandma… and especially, a very good friend to us Nyoks!  Everytime I cry my heart out in plurk, she’s just always there to ask if everything’s okay or if I wanna meet out and hang with her.

All the best to you Mica!  I know you will do wonders in the future!  Just keep on writing… keep on directing… and keep on believing… and you’ll surely get there!

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