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I took a creative writing class at Modern Academy last month and I couldn’t believe I’m writing stories now!  I took a vow to better my writing for my blogging and possibly write more articles for print and other online publications.  But guess what, I’ve gained so much more than that!  I’ve learned to stretch my imagination and work on a story on a tight deadline!

If you’re a blogger, an aspiring writer or you want to put your stories into writing – make it better and take writing classes.  There’s nothing wrong with being self taught, and just doing your thing (that’s what I have been doing).  But putting more structure in your stories, aligning them to your readers’ interest would help you share your stories better.

Their next creative writing classes is scheduled to start on September 17, 2011.

You can register at their official website:

Apart from creative writing, Modern Academy also offers other classes.  I’m planning to take professional makeup classes here too 😛

Creative Writing
Comprehensive Basic Photography
Ignite: Leadership for Teens
Language, Culture and Travel: France
Personal Imaging
Personal Financial Management
Practical Photography
Presentation Essentials
Personal Advancement
Social Graces and Etiquette
Social Media Marketing and Management
Studio Lighting

Now here’s my first Fiction, my fairy tale story… in the land of Ascoff (first edit)

*this story is my copyright, use of this story or distributing it without permission is illegal 

Once upon a time, in the magical island of Ascoff, there lived a King and Queen who are blessed with only one daughter and they named her Princess Mia.

The island kingdom is far away from the mainland and is rich with natural and magical elements that are unique to their soil. Pirates, warlocks, and other kings have always visited this island who attempted to grab a few of the natural resources themselves.

On one of their battles with the pirates, they captured the queen and killed her. They left a message saying, “This is just the beginning. Surrender your island to us, or we will do the same to your baby princess.”

The King had no choice but to seek help someone from the magical world to protect the island, his people and his daughter. He wanted make the island hidden from the ships that pass by. He sought help from a fallen siren named Adriana, a dark woman from the sea who betrayed the Goddess Hera for her selfishness and in turn was banished to the sea of loneliness. Adriana often walks by the shores of Ascoff, hoping to lure men to overcome her loneliness.

The king knew that he might regret making a deal with Adriana someday, but is left with no choice.

Years passed by and Princess Mia celebrated her 16th birthday in the castle. The island has never been more secure. Everyone in the kingdom was happy except for one person. Mia loved her dad very much but often rebels at their strict guidance over her. She felt like she cannot move around without the Royal guards tailing her everywhere.

Mia never had a memory of her mom as she was growing up because her mom died when she was barely learning how to walk. Mia honors her mom of course but she often thought that it must somehow be a blessing for her that she didn’t feel the pain of losing someone. She understands how her dad feels though and how she sees him sad, lonely and daydreaming despite a happy kingdom.

Her dad never loved another woman and now, he is getting old.

She often wondered what lies beyond their island and she wanted to explore it so bad but the King wouldn’t let her because it was too dangerous.

And now that she’s 16, the King talked to her after the party. He felt that he might be dying soon and if this day comes, no one will protect her. He wanted her to marry soon. He wanted her to marry the head of the Royal Guard – Rohan. Someone he really trusts with his life who would someday rule the kingdom with Mia.

It was too much for her to take. Rohan has been a great knight, but she cannot take the fact that she is somewhat being forced to it – like she always doesn’t have a choice. Like everything is planned.

She walked away crying and ran off by the shore where she seeks comfort from her friend Selena. Selena is a mermaid and they have been friends since they were little. Mia envies Selena because she can go to different islands including the mainland.

Despite that, Selena can only see the mainland by the shore because she couldn’t walk on land either. Not yet. Her mother Adriana kept the necklace with the golden pearl of Ara that should enable her to transform and have legs on land. Adriana forbids Selena to walk on land for the same reason that the King wanted to protect her daughter.

Mia confided in Selena her desire to run away and go to the mainland.

Meanwhile, Rohan followed Mia and overheard their conversation.

Mia, Selena, if you are planning to run away, at least let me come with you. The journey will be too dangerous, let me protect you.

“But why?” asked Mia. Why do you want to help us?

“You will never stop being curious.” Rohan said. And if we get married, you will never be happy unless you find out for yourself what lies ahead.

“So, are you betraying the King for me?” Mia asked.

“No, I’m doing them a favor. You will run off on your own anyway. At least when I’m around, you will feel safer. And besides, I believe that it’s better to ask for forgiveness than seek permission in some instances.” Replied Rohan.

“Mia, I haven’t been out of the island for a long time too but trust me – it is pretty dangerous out there. Are you ready to risk and face the consequences of what you are about to do?” asked Rohan.

“I have lived like a stone my entire life. I was told what to do, and they mold me into this stone mannequin by their liking. Sometimes, I feel like I don’t even think for myself anymore because I know that every decision comes from the king and I have been an obedient daughter. But I have a heart Rohan, and I feel that it is time to make my own decisions now.” Mia said.

“Very well then.” Selena said. “I might need to steal my mom’s golden pearl first so that I can walk on land.” She added.

Rohan trained Mia to use the magical sword and shield of her mom. Her dad gave it to her as a gift. The sword and shield are very portable. The sword is disguised as a ring while the shield as a bracelet.

Meanwhile, Selena stole the golden necklace from Adriana.

They finally set sail to head of to the mainland.

Adriana found out that the golden necklace was gone. She searched the ocean for her and found her with Mia and Rohan. Adriana felt instantly attracted to Rohan and she forgot all about the golden pearl and did what a siren does best – lure the man of her liking.

While Mia and Selena are asleep, Adriana appeared by their boat on her best form. Adriana sang her song and instantly, Rohan was bound by the spell.

Fortunately, a fisherman was nearby and saved Rohan by exposing a black pearl to the siren. This was one way to repel the siren as the presence of a black pearl nearby will harm the siren’s skin.

Selena and Mia woke up because of the siren’s shriek.

“You there.” Said Adriana pointing at Mia. “Daughter of the King of Ascoff.” She said, intently staring at her. “How is your father?”

Adriana revealed that she had a child with the King of Ascoff. Mia wouldn’t believe at first but since Rohan can feel if someone is lying or not, he could tell that Adriana was telling the truth.

Selena was also baffled. She was the only daughter of Adriana, that means she is a daughter of the king as well? And that Mia and her are sisters?

“Indeed my child, I think it is time for you to know.” Adriana said, now in a soft voice. “I was very lonely at that time as I was banished by the Goddess Hera to this horrible sea. She took my wings off, and I grew a tail to adapt to my surroundings. I was the only one of my kind in the sea and for selfish reasons; I lure men to be with me even for just a while. I am not a bad person. I don’t murder, I don’t even use my magical powers against any other human being. Trust me Selena. I was just too lonely.” She sobbed.

“Then, your father approached me one night seeking help for my protection. I agreed in exchange for a child in my womb. And that is you my dear Selena. I happily protected the kingdom now that I have you.” She added.

“I didn’t want you to walk on land because you are still young, your powers aren’t developed yet and you are half human. Meaning, I can’t predict how your powers will grow in time. If the pirates will know that I protect the kingdom and I have a daughter, they might take you away from me and use it against our advantage.”

It took a while for Mia and Selena to process this. No wonder they always had that sisterly bond. They were sisters.

They continued their journey and the fisherman went with them to guide them to the mainland. Selena and the fisherman fell in love with each other. And so are Mia’s feelings for Rohan.

They finally arrived at the mainland and they were disappointed. The land was a mess and it looked like there was a battle that took place.

“It’s sad when they keep on destroying just to claim lands and treasure.” The fisherman mumbled.

And so Mia, Selena and Rohan went back to the island of Ascoff only to find out that the king was dying. She blamed herself thinking it’s her fault that her father is dying.

“It’s not your fault Mia. I’m very old and I’m lucky even to have lived this long without your mother. There is something I need to tell you my child.” He said.

“I know father. I know you will do everything to protect me, I know that you have a daughter with the siren.” Mia interrupted.

“Forgive me Mia. I didn’t mean to hold this upon our family. I had no choice. Your mother died without knowing the truth.” Said the king.

“She is probably looking down upon us right now, happy that we are safe in the island. She is with the gods now.”

“If there is one thing I learned from my journey, it’s no matter how we make our own choices, you cannot control the choices of other people. You can force them, but you definitely can’t control their emotions. People make decisions, risk and make mistakes. And they do have their own reasons.”

And then the king died peacefully. Rohan stood by Mia’s side and never forced her to anything until one day Rohan felt that Mia loves him back, he finally asked her hand in marriage.

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    1. Hello Hannah! I want to go straight to the point now… I actually am so interested with the said academy but i’m so afraid if i really can afford the tuition fee in there. The tuition’s how much exactly? thanks in advance 🙂

  1. I’ve been looking for creative writing class or script writing workshop in the net, but there’s nothing much out there. Well, except of course for UP Film Institute.
    I’ve been meaning to have a blog to, but at times I’ve got lazy and don’t know what to write or do.
    I’ve checked your Lucky Girl and this one, not bad. I thought I would be reading a long one, hahaha, I’ve expecting a long one though.
    Iv’e bookmark Miss Aileen’s website.
    Thanks for the share.

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