Levi's Perfect Fit (8)

My Dream Board

We were tasked to cut out images from magazines and post them on our dream board.  It’s called the “I Believe” board.  It must have our perfect things, our dreams and anything that reminds us of ourselves and what we want to accomplish.  I can explain why Marc Nelson is there on the side later on 😛

I am so glad that we had this activity.  It’s been a while since I’ve done something artistic that doesn’t involve Photoshop.  I felt like I was back in school making a project :)  In this activity, I was forced to think of things I really truly love.  I was pressured for time too because we had a time limit in doing this.  With that thought, I simply realized that time is important.  The more I waste my time browsing through the magazine without a clear head on what to put on my board, the later I can finish my dream board.  It could be worse too.  I could run out of time.  Technically, it’s the same theory when it comes to reaching my dreams.  I need both time and hard work to accomplish them.

This activity forced me to focus on my perfect things.  I decided to just highlight three things.

1. Good life.  Think Gossip Girl Upper East Side kinda life minus the drama and the horrid gossip :P  Good life includes good health, good wealth, surrounding myself with great people and friends and all the good stuff in the world.  Sports, surfing, beauty and makeup, taking care of myself and pampering myself often, buying new clothes, power dressing, surfing, running and yoga.  I could think of a lot of words associated with this.  All in all, my definition of good life be healthy physically, emotionally, socially, intellectually, financially and digitally 😛 I just want lots of gadgets 😛

2.  Travel and Photography.  I want to experience a lot and share it through my blog.  By the time I get 40, I might even have my blog transformed into a book and have it published.  I want to immortalize everything I’ve seen and heard and share it with people.  With traveling, I open my eyes to different things – places and culture.  I’d get to understand more of our world and probably help answer life’s mysteries myself (geek mode).  My passion for capturing rare moments, the earth’s beauty and many more fueled my interest in photography.  There is so much to see!

3. To Dance Again.  Dancing and performing just makes me happy and it’s something I want to do again.

Marc Nelson.  He’s my role model.  I want to be him.  Not in every aspect of course but I want the kind of lifestyle he pursues.  He’s very athletic and he travels a lot, plus, he’s very smart too!  He may not be a dancer (I’m not sure) but overall, he’s a very inspiring icon.

Levi's Perfect Fit (30)

Time is Gold

Like I said, time is a very important factor in everything that I do.  The more I waste my time on trying to figure out my perfect things, the more I loose time in getting them.  That’s why I gave up finding my perfect jeans years ago.  I figured no pants could fit me well.  I have a huge butt like J-Lo’s but really tiny waist.  I settled for larger jeans just so that it can accommodate my big buns.  The problem with this is gaping.  I had no choice then.

With this kind of problem, I found it unflattering for me to wear jeans.  So I dumped them all and preferred to wear skirts and dresses more for many years.

A few months back, my boyfriend told me he hasn’t seen me wear jeans and he thought that I should try wearing them again because he thought I would look  stunning with it.  Getting fashion advice from a boyfriend could be helpful.  :P  And so I did try on a new pair and blogged about Why Women Should Rethink Wearing Skirts.

I’m back on the hunt for a perfect fit!

The Perfect Fit

After so many years of searching, I finally found the one!

I was afraid to face the fact that I am gaining inches on my waist line.  I am no longer 16, I haven’t been dancing or working out much, I work in front of the computer all day, my body is not as well-toned as before, therefore I don’t have the right to wear jeans anymore because I would look horrible in them…

That’s what I thought!

Recently, I realized that finding the perfect fit is not about the size.  It’s all about the shape!

Levi's Perfect Fit (25)

The people at Levi’s measured me and helped me find my perfect fit!

Levi's Perfect Fit (29)

No muffin top nor gaping this time!  It’s purrrrrrfect!

Levi’s is one of the brands that listened to women all over the world. They believed that women should not be ashamed of their natural body figures, and to flatter their bodies even more with jeans that are designed to celebrate straight figures, perfect proportions and genuine curves.  Again, it’s not about the size, it’s the shape!  It’s a new way of shopping!

Altogether, let’s stop obsessing about our size and embrace our natural shape!

This whole activity was really inspiring for me.  Not only did it help me figure out my perfect things, it also helped me find the perfect fit of jeans for me.  I hope I inspired you too by making you think of your own “I Believe” board and gave you hope in knowing that there is a right fit for all of us ladies.  Stop thinking about size, think about shape and how you can enhance and embrace your figure by finding your perfect fit too!

Till the next dress-up,


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  1. wow…i like ur dream board..nasurprise talaga ako kasi i had also made like this.SOme call this as Vision board..I like ur Dream board girll.

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