New Scents in Manila: Adore and Aqua Fresco Fragrances

So, I was watching this movie “Perfume,” when a package arrived for me.  It’s the latest collection ofAdore and Aqua Fresco Fragrances for me to try on.  Perfect timing, because at that time, the movie was all about this man who was very gifted with scent.  He traveled and had a few adventures to create the “perfect scent.”  I’m not going to spoil the movie for you but all I can say is, it is quite interesting.  Yes, if you’re sick of the usual plots you see in movies, try watching this one.

There’s one saying that goes “Nothing is more memorable than a smell. One scent can be unexpected, momentary and fleeting, yet conjure up a childhood summer beside a lake in the mountains.” by Diane Ackerman.


Adore Fragrances for Women

True enough, while I was scenting the fragrances, one of them smelled a little bit like my perfume before and reminded me of college.  I thinkn one of the most senses that are taken for granted is the scent.  But yes, if there is visual and audio memory, to me I have a scent memory (whatever you call that).

I categorized the Adore fragrances in two.  One set is a collection of cologne scents and the other, Adore Body Sprays.  My favorite: Chic cologne for her and Charmed body spray.

Visit your nearest grocery stores to get your own set! This is the choice of Fragrance by TV personality Tippy Dos Santos. Choose from Kiss, Flirt, Chic and Innocent colognes and for the body sprays, there’s Wicked and Charmed.


Aqua Fresco for Men

Guys, don’t be jealous.  There is quite a good range of colognes and body sprays for you too.

This is the choice of famous celebrity star Xian Lim.  On the Aqua Fresco cologne collection, they have Intense, Speed, Rush, Radical and Drive.  For their body spray: Edge, Rock, Nirvana and Enigma.

Well, don’t just trust my word for it, go ahead to your nearest grocery store and check these different scents out.  For me, men should find their scent that would match their persona.  Get this right, and it is a quick turn on for the ladies (especially me).

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