No Other Woman

Two beautiful ladies, one hunky!

Derek Ramsay, Christine Reyes and Anne Curtis

When it comes to local Pinoy movies, I try not to watch the trailer at all.  Because most of the time they kinda give out everything.  I’m glad I didn’t watch the trailer because I had no clue at all what’s going to happen.

But if you insist, here’s the trailer.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you 😛

My Review of No Other Woman

I was shocked that the seats were full on a Wednesday afternoon.  Take note, there were still offices at that time… and so we had to buy tickets for the evening instead which was almost full too.

It’s a movie about temptation.

In an adult world, this mostly happens now.  And I know a lot of people can relate making this movie quite popular.  Aside from an all-star cast people enjoyed the remarkable lines throughout the movie.

I say don’t criticize this movie too much, just enjoy and watch.  I found myself laughing too even though this movie is a drama.


Notable lessons in life:

– When you cheat, it’s a stress fest!

– If you want drama – then cheat!

– Temptation lurks and rises when you are vulnerable.

– But these things are always fun only in the beginning.

– Someone’s always gonna be hurt, including you.  So you have to choose.

– Don’t play with emotions – this world now has a lot of crazy people you never know what they’re gonna do

– Some say it’s not cheating unless you get caught – but hey hey, most of the time the other party senses your naughty deeds

– If you marry a man who cheats on his wife, you’ll be married to a man who cheats on his wife

– If you’re dating a guy who cheated on his girlfriend, you’ll be dating a guy who cheats on his girlfriend


Are you enlightened? or are you scared now lol.. I’m just kidding!  Do you have any more quotable quotes regarding infidelity?  Share in the comment section below and let’s have fun!

My favorite one: “Ang mundo ay isang malaking Quiapo, maraming snatcher! Maaagawan ka!

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  1. Nice review! Naloka talaga ako nung bumibili ako ng tix natin ang daming tao! Buti na lang worth it ang waiting time because the actors did their best to portray their roles, the cinematography is good and the script is full of interesting quotable quotes. Thanks for watching this movie with me dear! 😀

  2. Wow! I think I want to watch this movie too. My boyfriend said I look like Cristine Reyes (LOLOLOL … dream on! Haha). We should watch this together then hehe. The lesson learned in the movie should sink in us both and with all couples I guess.

  3. Ahh!! Super loved the movie. Same here in our place – I watched it yesterday around afternoon and the moviehouse was loaded! Grabe ung reaction ng mga people everytime those havey lines come up. Haha. And most of the audience were couples!! Sobrang enjoyed it.♥

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  5. should a guy watch this too?

    i have a pretty strong feeling it was the guy who cheated, right? 🙂

    can they also portray how it is when it’s the girl who cheats on a faithful guy? it might be not as common as the opposite but nonetheless, it happens.

    nice review.

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