Nokia E71x is E71 on steroids!

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Look at this beauty!




Its features are quite similar to the Nokia E71 actually with Mail, Navigator, IM, XM, Music, CV, and mobiTV along with dual-band HSDPA, Wi-Fi radio, Bluetooth with stereo audio support, speakerphone, and 3.2 megapixel camera with flash along with a QVGA display, QWERTY keyboard, microSDHC slot, GPS support with voice control, and speakerphone.


I just hope though that they improved the camera quality of this phone. Both the cameras of E71 (3mp) and E63 (2mp) fail in my standards. Would the .2 megapixel upgrade add to the quality of the pictures? I think I’ll have to wait for some review or coments on that!

Do you own a Nokia E71x? What do you think of it? Kindly comment below.

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  1. Do you have any idea what you’re talking about at all? The E71x is a crippled version of the E71.

    It’s not the E71 “on steroids” at all. It’s the E71 after a lobotomy. 300k limit on ringtones? No network selection? Forced data plans?

    The E71 destroys the E71x. You get what you pay for.

  2. I have an e71 . It is very good, but don’t have a image editor that can crop pictures from camera… I googled a lot and can’t find a similar app. 🙁
    Before e71 i had a N95. This is the only bad thing about e71.

  3. oh, I didn’t know that at all… I would love to get my hands on the E71x and review it… Unfortunately I haven’t seen or heard from one here in the Philippines. anyway, thank you for that info…

  4. One more thing, ang hirap humanap ng themes and applications. I’m the only one I know who owns an E71x and it is not flattering at all, especially if you need a headset and NO ONE can sell you one. Mahirap humanap ng headset ng model na ‘to. So kung nagbabalak kayo, I suggest you drop the idea. Promise.

  5. Well, not sure if it will be useful now, but, anyway…
    I have the 5800 and my gf has the e71, and here are their pros and cons:
    Photo: better on the 5800, the AF and one more led give extra quality.
    Battery: The e71 which is really huge (up to two weeks in light use) and 5800 quite low (less than 1 wk in very light use)
    Display: better on 5800, but unusable in daylight, quite annoying to take pictures outside, e71 has a classical lcd, still nice under stray light, but at lower resolution.
    Internet: better on 5800 due to more resolution and touch screen ergonomy.
    GPS: better on e71 which can catch signal wayyy faster than the 5800 when a-GPS is disabled, navigation software is just the same.
    Multimedia: Hand exporting is quite complicated for the 5800, but restrictions shifts when it comes to encoding for the e71, still, they both accept AAC for audio-only files (good to know for iTunes users)
    For the fingerprint magnet, My GF’s e71 is the silver-sainless-steel one, so it is worse than my blue 5800.
    For the quality feel regarding to those models, let’s just say the e71 looks like a boss phone, with the metal and finishings, while the 5800, compared, loks like a toy, with plastics and adjustments issues. (One is made in Finland, and the other in China, gess which.)

  6. Oh, forgot to mention, the 3,5mm jack for hands-free headset, or composite out on the 5800, with good video-out quality, e71 has less common 2,5mm jack, and no video out (unless specs says “av connector”).

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