Nuffnang for bloggers reaching Philippine shores!

…Could this be an opportunity for both bloggers and advertisers?…

I have been thinking that I am somewhat compelled to post this! mrgreen … since many Filipino bloggers do not know about this yet and I’m pretty sure it hasn’t spread among Philippine blogs yet but Nuffnang (an advertisement company particularly for bloggers) has reached our humble shores. So, as your blog ambassadress I hereby disseminate this information in PinoyBlogosphere.

Well, pinoy problogger knows more about Nuffnang than I do so if you guys would want to know more about it just go to his website at

Yes you could put it this way, it could be another income generating add-on to your blog… or for advertisers, well this could be another outlet for reaching your target market as many bloggers talk about many things already. The Filipino blogging industry has also been growing and I am personally encouraging people, especially students, yuppies and professionals also too join the blogosphere.

Nuffnang has been a widely used advertising agent also in Malaysia and Singapore… and if I’m right, Philippines is their third target 😛

So watch out for its opening here!

Nuffnang is also hiring while it is initializing its office here in the Philippines (my neighborhood Bonifacio High Street)! So, to my friends who are talented and looking for jobs to suit their career, click here to apply!

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  1. Hi jehzel laurente, hmm.. it is good news for us pinoy bloggers indeed 😉 by the way… sorry but, who is jing? 🙂

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