Permanent Transformation Project

Hello friends. Today, I want to take action in my life. I’ve been eager to trim down my weight since we arrived from the US, but the sudden workload I had to do, and getting sick in-between sidetracked me.

I have no one in my life to believe and support me in this, I do have friends and family and Polecats, but I STILL must believe in myself.

I’ve been losing pounds but gaining them back again, it is frustrating. I know I have to change my routine and tactics and motivate not only my actions, but my mind to not miss a day.

It started the day I saw I already weighed 140lbs. This was the shock of my life because it is my heaviest. And so, I did strict OMAD, avoided grab food and sweets.

Before I left for Hawaii, I was at 130lbs. Loss of appetite helped that, but having no appetite is really concerning. I literally had to force myself to finish a meal. And I managed to eat 3 spoonfuls of food only for a few days. Extreme caloric restriction could cause my period to go away and I don’t want that.

I’m in Hawaii right now and weigh 133 lbs. At least the goal of getting appetite back again is accomplished.

Target weight: 110lbs (lose 20lbs more)
Method: OMAD
Training: Polecats and home exerxises daily, except Sunday
Work-balance: Start work early, end early, train at home after
Sunday: recharge mental and spiritual health. Go to mass

Hopefully all of this will make me feel better.

I also don’t feel great about my room right now, I will transform an area into training to make it easier for me and give me no excuse to train.

I only have myself to rely on moving forward. I’m planning to document this also because making it into content is another goal that could help me not stop training.

That’s it. I am writing and publishing my intent so it can become reality.

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