Pole Love to the Next Level


This week has been a great expression of pole in my life.


Big Shift VIE & VAULT Amateur Night 2012

I haven’t been attending proper classes at the Polecats studio since I have been busy with work and travel.  I pole at home from time to time, when I can.

I had a crazy decision to join an amateur pole competition 3 days before the final deadline.  I AM CRAZY!  People have been telling me I’m crazy for my decisions, but they were all decisions that came from my heart (yes also with a lot of logic and thinking but my heart always wins).

Creating a choreo for pole from scratch was a very tasking job!  For the song choice, I just decided to use “Girl on Fire” by Alicia Keys the first time I heard it on the radio.  It’s a powerful song and I’d enjoy dancing to it.  After hearing the song over and over again to choreo for it, I GOT SICK of it! >.<  But, I finished the song (well, from 4 mins down to 3 because I got so dead tired).  So here goes…

My audition video for Vie & Vault Bigshift Danka Studios Amateur contest 2012

Hay nako!

My friends are so OA!  The views doesn’t count in the criteria, but they campaigned for me like crazy! Special thanks to Mica, Twitter followers, crazy plurk friends and Facebook friends who have been promoting it on their blogs and social media.  You guys are crazy but I love you all!  THANK YOU SO MUCH for encouraging me to do this.  Heck, I am one weak soul and you guys just gave me the courage to do this.  What have you gotten me into? **faints**

The good always comes with a bad.  My battle scars.  Happy scars!

and eek! I made it to the grand finals together with other Pole Kittens and Pole Tigers!

Xpert Pole Fitness Teacher Training with Marlo Fisken

*Assisted by Natasha Wang

Yeah… another last-minute decision I made was to take a Pole Teacher training program.

Teaching pole has been something that’s been lingering on my mind, especially when friends here and in Bacolod have been asking me to teach them.  They want to be my “first students.”  I will always just say “I’ll try.”

One, I can’t teach just like that.  I want to be a responsible teacher, one that knows how to manage a studio, legal requirements, first-aid knowledge, handling a class etc.

Again, thanks to friends who pushed and encouraged me to take this class.  I think it’s an investment worth spending for.  I just resigned from my recent job and I’ll be helping my family with our fam business.  My friend said, “What are you gonna do with pole?”  I guess I’m taking it to the next level.

I can never let go of dancing.  From performing at almost every functions in my elementary years, to joining folk dance competitions in high school and cheerleading in college – dancing, will never leave me.  And here I am.  A pole dancer.  And now, I am confident that I can teach pole.  I just need experience and well… capital to take pole to my hometown.  I need business partners baby! C’mon, email me if you believe in art, fitness and creativity.  Pole is the next big thing!

I just passed and received a certification that I completed the Xpert Pole Fitness Training!

Thanks to Polecats Manila for hosting this training!


I’m panicking! I need a song, a theme/concept, a choreo, a list of tricks and spins and A COSTUME!

and I need some energy booster thingamajigs.  WHEATGRASS and Berocca TIME!

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