Project 365 2011

I have wanted many things, and started many things – but I don’t finish it.  This year, my resolution is to be more disciplined and finish what I started.  I think this whole project 365 will help me own the word “Discipline”.

2010 did great things for me.  I feared somehow that I won’t be able to live up to the hype I had in 2010 for the new year.  But, the each day is a new day and I believe in “Destiny” – and you make it… you don’t wait for it.  You DO it!

and I live to my favorite quote I read somewhere “Luck has this peculiar habit of favoring those who don’t rely upon it”

To all those who have been part of my 2010, thank you very much – even in little ways you have helped me and you know who you are.

Happy New Year everyone!

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  1. Good for you!! I started this Project din but sadly, January pa lang, I wasn’t able to keep up na due to a very busy life..Hayy..Good luck Hannah.;)

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