Rihanna and Chris Brown’s sex tape

[ad#ad-1] [ad#hlink] I am no longer surprised at these two.  I watched their concert in Manila last November because I adore both of them and I admire their relationship and I thought they were perfect for each other.  They might still be perfect for each other right now but they’ve been creating scandal after scandal.

I was so surprised at the truth about Chris Brown harassing Rihanna.  When the word came out, I initially never thought that it was true and ignored that hollywood rumor.  Sadly, it definitely is true.  The sadder fact is that days after, they were back together.

Is this a passionate love like the one in Vicky Cristina Barcelona?  I quote a line in Woody Allen’s works “Only unfulfilled love can be romantic.”

So now rumor is out that Rihanna and Chris Brown made a sex tape.  Believe it or not?  I don’t know about you but this couple is officially unpredictable XD  To me, I wouldn’t know for sure unless I can download Rihanna and Chris Brown’s sex tape scandal for sure.  But even if this tape is in Chris Brown’s hands, I bet that he wouldn’t let this tape out.  Well, other’s people’s lives are interesting isn’t it lol.
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  1. omg! really? well, i actually lost interest na rin but of course it doesnt mean i’ll stop listening to their songs. by the way, kindly update my link please 🙂 my new domain is now myfashionjuice.com 🙂 thanks!

  2. wow sounds lyk theyl get 2getha.i dont know but they must hv bn gaga or sth. i realy liked 2 see them they were just so cute.CB am stil available….

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