Samsung Galaxy J Series – Selfie Love

Hello from Manila!

I’m back at home for a pitstop, before I go travel again to another country I’ve never been to before – Japan! I have been traveling non-stop since April, thanks to my super trusted travel partners Smart, Agoda and Philippine Airlines 🙂

Let’s see, so far Bali, Korea, Thailand, Boracay … I think one destination per month and how can I make these memories last forever if I don’t capture these moments? This is why I blog too. I started out blogging basically to put an online journal (just made a bit public) about all my adventures. That way, as I grow wiser (avoiding the word that starts with letter “O” and 3 letters), I have memories etched in cybersphere.


More often than not, I travel solo. One disadvantage of solo travel is the fact that no one else is there to take your photos! Hence, I selfie a lot! I have long been doing selfies – way back even with my DSLR – it’s a struggle! and the struggle is real!

Filipinos love taking selfies (or selvies/groupfies). Samsung saw this trend and introduces a selfie device which offers the best-in-class upgraded selfie experience.

The Philippines is in fact known as the selfie capital of the world! Selfies are personal and invites the world to see memories captured with your own personal touch. One struggle everyone’s been having though is that our best attempts to snap photos of ourselves could still fall short. It takes about around five failed selfie shots before a photo will be shared in social media. We ask ourselves “is this Instagram worthy” because we also don’t want to spam our friends with our faces, so we need to put up there our best selves. Am I right? or am I right dear friends?

It’s all about finding good lighting, decent background, right angle and post-editing filters before uploading that #forlikes.

Now the question is: how do you best capture selfie-worthy moments at an arm’s length?

Samsung now has a selfie-friendly smartphone! They call it the Galaxy J Series – Samsung’s best-in-class smartphones that upgrade your selfies to perfect J-Fies. With a 5MP front camera equipped with LED Flash, multiple J-Fie features and large super AMOLED screen, the 5.0” Galaxy J5 and 5.5” Galaxy J7 definitely set the bar high in the selfie arena.

Samsung J Series Samsung J Series 2

What I like about this new J-Fie series is that you can take photos in dark conditions with the LED Front Flash. I usually have this problem when I’m dancing at the club with friends and I want to capture the moment – all to fail because the club is a dark place to be.


Try out the new Samsung Galaxy J Series at a Samsung Experience Store near you. Get updates on products and launches through Samsung Mobile Philippines on Facebook, @samsungph on Twitter, or visit



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