Simplism Leather Smart Shell for iPad

The main reason why I don’t like putting covers on my gadgets is because it gets bulkier and heavier sometimes. I appreciate companies who develop products that would cater to that problem and thankfully Simplism is one of the iPad covers that pass.

It’s leather so it looks stylish and built to last but at the same time, the design is light with lots of pockets!


The good and the bad

Technically it’s faux leather and it’s up to you if you take it on a good or bad note.  For me, I have no problem with faux leather since it adds to lessening the total weight of the cover, but at the same time it looks very chic and stylish.  It comes with different colors so if you’re a guy and you don’t want to look like you’re holding a girl’s purse, don’t worry you have other colors to choose from.



It has six business card pockets that is convenient for guys also who usually don’t bring purse to carry around stuff.  You can leave your Coffee Bean Swirl cards here for convenience and other business cards.  It actually doesn’t just do that, it hits two birds with one stone because the pockets also serve as rests for the iPad 2 when you put it in landscape mode. 

Buttons on all ports are exposed so everything is convenient. 


Who it is for

Travelers and light packers who usually bring their iPads during trips instead of bringing their entire laptop.  If you’re like me who leaves my laptop at home so that I can enjoy my trip and take advantage of the time away, then yes, this case is for you.  Again, it’s not as heavy as the other iPad cases I have encountered.

It’s basically for anyone who has an iPad 2 who just wants a simple, yet light protection to their gear.



Leather Smart Shell for iPad 2 Features:

  • PU leather shell for iPad 2 with a stand
  • Protect the display with a flip cover
  • Magnet flip for easy fit
  • Magnet flip corresponds to sleep on/off like Smart Cover
  • 4 photo frame and 1 typing positions
  • 6 card pockets
  • Inner plastic plate for better protection
  • Thin but tough
  • Direct access to all controls

Get the flash player here:

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