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Tonight, August 31 2011 Smart just released their very own line of cellphones – the Netphone!  For now, they have the Netphone 701 and they are planning to build other models soon!  I could remember my first cellphone handed down by my uncle.  It was a Smart phone.  That was the only brand I saw on the phone.  At that time it only had a call-only feature.  No sms, no mms, and heck no internet of course.  That was more than 10 years ago *gulps* am I giving away my age? *runzzz*

Anyway, I’m glad they are releasing their own line of phones again – this time, it can do everything I want from calls to sms to updating my social media – at zero cost! unbelievable!  But believe it – it’s only P9,999 too!  Very affordable for an Android phone that you can definitely use.  Of course there are limitations to the zero-cost internet usage and I highlighed them on the notes I took from the event below.
Smart Netphone 701
Highlights and notes:
  • Netphone will be introduced via Netphone 701
  • Netphone 701 is the first of many more models lined up by Smart
  • Costs only P9,999 and the next netphones could get more and more affordable
  • Access your Social Stream via SmartNet where you can link your Facebook and Twitter account for free! This doesn’t include photo uploads and viewing for the free streaming though (not yet)
  • Instant message for Yahoo messenger and Facebook chat all you want for free!
  • You need to maintain P1 load (not so hard to do)
  • If you need to use the internet for browins, there’s always their different affordable prepaid plans depending on your needs (I use Always ON 300)
  • SUPER USEFUL FEATURE: one swipe and you’ll see your running balance (your remaining load for prepaid and usage for plans)
  • Android 2.2 froyo platform – download all the games and apps you want
  • Safe Browse feature – allows you to turn on and off the regular internet feature.  Still, you remain connected to and all SmartNet services
  • Biggest phonebook ever storing your contacts on the web in the cloud.  I love this feature, meaning when your phone gets stolen, you can still recover your phonebook!

So what do you think guys?

Comment away!  It will be much appreciated 🙂


Much love,



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  1. that would definitely be good news to those who want an affordable SmartPhone, apart from those expensive iPhones and BlackBerries.. it would really be interesting to know if Smart Comnmunications can pull this off.. i just hope that this time around, it would be a lot better than the previous one they released years ago (can’t remember which year exactly) and they should have enough knowledge, ample parts, ample warranty validity & excellent after-sales service to back everything up..

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