Smart Spending and More Convenient Shopping with VISA Debit Cards

Banks have been thinking of better, safer and smarter ways to accommodate the needs of your normal daily spending activities.  As a full-time blogger, I need to keep on satisfying my shopping, food tripping and travel needs 😛

Else, what am I going to blog about?

I’m pretty sure all of you are spenders as well but are you spending smart?

As a frequent traveler, I find it hard to trust my surroundings – especially when I’m in a foreign area.  I once traveled ALONE to Malaysia (yes all by myself!) to meet a few of my blogger friends there.  I took a budget flight and you know how late the flights leave in Manila and arrived at a very awkward time – 12 midnight!

I didn’t think through my transportation mode much when I planned my trip.  Trains were already closed.  I didn’t know how to ride a bus there. So imagine… I hired a cab with a sleazy driver who kept asking me if I’m married, why I’m in Malaysia and for how long (gosh he’ll know where I’m staying), where I’m from etc… I’m not sure if he’s just being friendly but it creeped me out!  I was holding on the the cash I have in my bag.

I am deeply reminded why I don’t like taking cabs here in the Philippines as well.  I’ve heard horror stories of my friends getting robbed or held-up with either a gun or knife… The best way to do to survive is to give what they want right… Give the bag. give the money..

DANGEROUS and Crazy world!


Edumacate Me!

My accounting and finance skills will be for nothing if I don’t give you some little bit of coaching on how to protect, keep track and use your hard-earned money the smart way 🙂

It’s time I introduce you to – VISA Debit Cards!

Quick round-up of what a Debit Card is:

  • looks like your ordinary ATM card or credit card but is an alternative payment method to cash and checks.
  • it is usually linked to your checking or savings account
  • upon use, funds are immediately withdrawn from your bank account
  • you can spend only what you have in your account

Benefits of Visa Debit Cards

  • It can be used anywhere, even around the world, that carry the Visa logo
  • There are no monthly payments or debt accrued **
  • Debit cards can be used in ATMs to withdraw cash just like an ATM card
  • Use it as a financial management tool. So I suggest these steps: Budget >> Spend >> Monitor!

**while this helps keep you out of debt, you need to monitor debit card purchases closely and stick to your budget so you don’t overdraw your account

visa debit card

yeah… so imagine at that time if I had a Visa debit card when I was traveling that would give me some peace of mind. I don’t like estimating how much money I bring when I travel because I either overspend (because I have to use up all the cash I exchanged) or overspend (coz I lack money and I withdraw money from my ATM).

Still, be responsible guys.  It is your own hard-earned money – not mine… You have to take care of your finances yeah? 🙂

Here are more tips when you use your debit card.

Practical Tips When Using Debit Card

  • Keep sales receipts as reference
  • Remember to account for any bank fees that may apply
  • Review statements carefully.  If you suspect a mistake, contact the bank that issued the card as soon as possible
  • Always follow up with a confirmation letter for the bank.  This would eliminate suspicions of identity theft

For more Visa’s financial literacy materials visit

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