Samsung Galaxy Y: Smartphone for the Youth at P5,990

“Smartphone for the Youth” – I speak in my title as if I’m not one with the “youth” anymore but hey —

Youth is not a number, it’s a state of mind!

*snap* *snap*


On a serious note, youngsters have many demands now.  I for one, cannot live without my phone!  I can go by a day without my laptop – but not my phone.  My phone can do everything – check emails, works as my clock, calculator, translator, emergency camera, voice and notes recorder, flashlight, map! tweet, Facebook, plan my day,  and many many more!

Would you believe that everything I mentioned above, you can have for only P5,999 ?

I’m just happy that younger people have better options that they can grab within their own means.


Youth level app!

Samsung Galaxy Y with SmartNet

With today’s fast-paced lifestyle, the need to keep up with ‘the latest’ puts quite a lot of pressure on today’s youth. This desire to be at the forefront of what is trendy and what is hip—from wearing the hottest fashions to owning the newest gadgets—has become a top priority for a lot of teenagers. For them, being ‘it’ helps them find their place in society along with their individual aspirations and potentials. For young men and women, however, these luxuries usually come at a heftier price tag than their allowances can afford.

Samsung Galaxy Y with SmartNet


Where technology is concerned, one of the trends that have become hardest to ignore is the smartphone. The emergence of these handsets has had the youth constantly tapping on their keypads—sending text messages, chatting on social networks, playing games and downloading applications. However, most of these don’t come cheap. No need to fret, though, because Samsung has created a dependable entry-level smartphone the youth can easily afford—the Samsung Galaxy Y, their first Android smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy Y with SmartNetSamsung Galaxy Y with SmartNet

Set to become every teenager’s smartphone dream come true with its intelligent features available at a reasonable market price. Whoever thought that the words ‘budget’ and ‘smartphone’ do not go together has just been proven wrong. And judging from the strong line of its Galaxy brothers, the Y is surely not to be underestimated!

Small wonder

Samsung Galaxy Y with SmartNetSamsung Galaxy Y with SmartNet

I happen to have my hands on one actually ^_^

Powered by an 832 MHz processor and HSDPA module of up to 7.2 Mbps, the Samsung Galaxy Y runs on an Android 2.3 Gingerbread operating system that lets teens browse through websites, check e-mails, and play various media smoothly and with less lag. More importantly, its users can also access over 150,000 apps available in the Android Market to bring together their favorites in social networking, gaming, music, and so much more. With applications that can do just about anything, the expandability of the Galaxy Y in each teen’s hands is boundless.


I have tried this myself and it is indeed fast and powerful!  It is very useful, and very responsive!


App-grade now!

The Android Market opens up the Samsung Galaxy Y to a world of possibilities. Unlike run-of-the-mill QWERTY and touchscreen mobile phones, the Android OS upgrades users with various applications. Now, they can start getting their own makeovers and realizing their aspirations and potentials with over 150,000 apps—all accessible at the tap of their finger.

Music junkies can play DJ anytime, anywhere; while aspiring photographers can create masterpieces at the touch of the Galaxy Y’s screen. Gaming gurus can flaunt their high scores to friends; while social butterflies can keep up with all of their contacts while on-the-go.

It really is up to them how to maximize this smartphone and ‘level app’ in their chosen fields. At a very affordable price, young men and women can go further and start exploring the many things that they are capable of without having to break the bank.


Easy on the eyes


Photos and videos that they take with the Samsung Galaxy Y’s 2-megapixel camera can also be viewed smoothly with its 3-inch LCD display and 240×320 pixel-QVGA resolution. (They can also share these easily to their friends via social networking apps easily available through the Android Market!)

Samsung Galaxy Y with SmartNet

Its TouchWiz user interface punctuates the experience further as users are allowed to customize their own menus to further express themselves as individuals. Plus, with its convenient size, this 98g wonder slips into those skinny jeans without the unsightly bulk!


It also is already embedded with the SmartNet widget!  With a Smart sim card, this will allow you to send tweets, facebook statuses, FB chat and YM for free as long as you have a P1 maintaining balance.

Samsung Galaxy Y with SmartNetSamsung Galaxy Y with SmartNet

Learn more about SmartNet here.

Learn more about the Netphone here.


Test Shots with the camera

Although the camera does not have built-in flash, it can still work in low-light conditions.  You can choose between the different settings it has (I’m surprised it has a lot of choices).  And you can set the camera to adjust to the low light condition.

Samsung Galaxy Y with SmartNetSamsung Galaxy Y with SmartNet

Although, you need to be patient of course.  But just like me who wanted to capture the beauty of Venice Piazza at Mckinley hill – but forgot to bring my camera – it’s still better to capture memories with this emergency camera – the Samsung Galaxy Y phone.

It also has geo-tagging for your photos and I can’t believe that you can get a phone with GPS at P5,999!

and here are my test shots – unedited except for the watermark

Samsung Galaxy Y with SmartNet

Samsung Galaxy Y with SmartNet

Samsung Galaxy Y with SmartNet

Samsung Galaxy Y with SmartNet

Samsung Galaxy Y with SmartNet


More photos here 🙂

Get the flash player here:


The Samsung Galaxy Y is packed with all the smartphone essentials, raising the bar in mobile phones that come in the same price range. Now, teenagers can flaunt a full-featured smartphone without burning their—or their parents’—pockets! For only P5,990, teens suffering from a severe lack of edge in their mobile experience can now get an upgrade and a makeover at the same time!

Til the next gadget review!


FlairCandy ^_^


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  1. While I believe the Galaxy S2 is still supreme (harhar), this one is a good catch! Hehe. I tested it too during the Chalk Fashion Rocks 2011, and it’s indeed a pretty neat phone. (^_^) I guess it’s best for moderate web users. Hardcore users (like me) may slow it down and cause forced closures of apps hehe. Battery may drain too fast too? :p

  2. I think all smartphones have poor battery life.. but there are smartphones whose battery life really suck! this one is just average… it lasts me a day with heavy facebooking – twitter and email and chat 🙂

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