Summer Fun! Play in the Sun and Dare to Play Contest with SunPlay

Summer is here!  Time to be free and play under the sun don’t you think?

Dare to be FREE!


It’s about time to have fun under the sun! Don’t be afraid and DARE to be FUN!


SunPlay, the number one sunblock / sunscreen in Japan, is now in the Philippines!

SunPlay sunscreen / sunblock is the only sunblock that offers highest SPF of 130 and PA +++ available in the market today, giving maximum protection against UVA and UVB rays. It has a new revolutionary Watery Liquid Formulation which gives the users a non-greasy, non-sticky feel without leaving a white residue on your skin.

Pretty much, it’s got that very high sun protection (SPF) but it’s not thick and clumpy like the other brands.

Here’s your chance to get your summer supply of SunPlay goodies, just in time for the summer!


Play under the sun with different festivals in different places in the Philippines!

Cruise around the Philippines with a longboard while getting a sweet tan!

Dare 130x More with SunPlay Sunscreen!

What will it take for you to dare 130x more this summer? Take photos of your most daring activity under the sun, on the sand and in the sea; and win a summer supply of SUNPLAY, daring you to play under the sun with 130 SPH!

Surf the seas!  The Philippines is one of the world’s largest archipelagos, also has one of the longest combined coastlines in the planet. The total length of the country’s coastlines is 36,289 kilometers or almost twice that of the United States!

Sail the seas!

or even WORK under the SUN!


Dare to Play with SUNPLAY! With 130 SPH, how daring can you be under the sun this summer? SUNPLAY launches its Dare to Play with SUNPLAY Photo Contest. Send up to three of your daring summer photos and get a chance to win a summer supply of SUNPLAY products.

How to Join the SunPlay Sunscreen “Dare to Play” contest:

Choose up to three photos of your daring activities under the sun!

Email them to together with the following details: Name | Address | Telephone Number | Email

Subject line should be “Dare to Play with Sunplay Photo Contest”

Write your caption using the required format:  (Activity + Place – I dared.)

E.g.  Surfing at La Union – I dared!

Check out your entries the next day at Share and invite friends to LIKE your entries.


Most liked entry and the selected SUNPLAY’s Most Daring will each win a SUMMER SUPPLY* OF SUNPLAY PRODUCTS

*1 SUNPLAY Super Block SPF 130, 1 SUNPLAY Watery Cool SPF 65, 1 SUNPLAY Clear Water SPF 50, 1 SunPlay Powdery White SPF47

Promo period is from March 14 to April 25, 2012. Deadline of submission of entries is on April 20, 2012.

Winners will be announced on April 30, 2012.


Read a book while waiting for the sun to set.

Strike a pose under the sun!  Natural light is the best when it comes to photography!


The Sunplay Sunscreen Difference

SUNPLAY gives you maximum protection and lets you have 130x more protection under the sun! It has a watery liquid formulation that’s non-greasy, non-sticky and feels as light as water. It absorbs quickly into the skin and does not leave a heavy white residue. It’s hypoallergenic and won’t clog pores. Great for both face and body!

SunPlay Philippines SPF130 Dare to Play Contest WhenInManila highest spf

SunPlay Sunscreen / Sunblock Highest SPF 130


Swim in the crater of a volcano! This was me trekking my way up to Mt. Pinatubo

Jump shots with the Bangui Windmills!

traveling other countries


Getting lost!


ATV ride!


DIVE a cliff!

Soak under the sun and just have fun! WORRY FREE!

DARE to DIVE and indulge in the SUMMER FUN!

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  1. Now that you mentioned it, I just realized … it seems I haven’t really put much sun protection on myself whoaaaaa!

    The photos are really fun haha! Hope I can have as much time like that to enjoy! 🙂

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