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A good friend of mine in Malaysia developed a really good e-commerce platform for those who are interested in putting their businesses online.  I’m sharing with you how this works, and how this would benefit your businesses.  🙂

Simply put, there’s a huge opportunity and a vast market for online businesses.  The Internet never sleeps. In the world of online business, as someone’s night becomes another’s day, the cycle continues and business transactions carry on. So why let your waking hours limit you when you can be earning while you sleep? It is time to wake up and smell the opportunity. It is time to sell online!

Squarelet is an e-commerce platform where you can open your very own online shop!  E-commerce has been growing fast in the Philippines.  I personally advocate the craft because you can find me always shopping online!  Sometimes, I sell things on e-bay, but if you have enough amount of inventory, why not put it in a secure and convenient online shop via Squarelet?

Once you open your eCommerce online shop, Squarelet.com come in to ensures your business is ever ready every second of the day. And night! A growing trend in Malaysia, shoppers are now browsing, searching and shopping online. You can now capture this untapped market and watch your revenue grows.

There are only 3 steps to start earning online through your e-commerce business:

  1.  Add products
  2.  Share on Facebook
  3. Profit!


Also, here are some advantages you get from Squarelet:

  • Successful merchants already earning 5 figures (in MYR) per month
  • Merchants already using Squarelet: [Forbidden instinct] [Beautiful Life2U]
  • Powerful eCommerce system focused on generating sales
  • Enjoy never ending upgrades & enhancement weekly
  • Save fixed cost with our Competitive Pricing
  • Modern and always up-to-date technologies
  • Extremely easy to use and user friendly

If previously you have always feared the complexity of technical requirements (and the high costs that comes with it), fret no more.

Squarelet supports you all the way, from hosting and renewals to payment getways to deep IT support. Hey, Squarelet even works with your existing website. You just focus on what really matters – YOUR business. And the best news of all? It all comes with a super simple pricing with unlimited upgrades.

Go to Squarelet.com now for a quick introduction. If you are looking for the easiest eCommerce solution, you are just one click away.

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