The Good Life, The Good Choice, Sun is Shining!

When I feel good about my choices, I feel happy! I tune in to some good music that would keep me inspired to make more good choices!

Included in my playlist:

  • Sun is Shining by Bob Marley
  • Good Life by One Republic
  • Pas de Problemes by Kana (French)
  • Om Numah Shiva by Apache Indian (Hindu)
  • Fall In Love (Estelle)
  • Time of my Life – (Dirty Dancing OST)
  • Lovely Day by Bill Withers

I listen to feel-good songs to keep my euphoria up.  Whether I’m up or I’m on my lowest of lows, I know I need to move on no matter what! Smile


I’ve learned from my experiences that good choices come from the beat of my heart!



The Internet and Social Media

My decision to explore the world of internet and social media was one of the most fun choices in my life.  I went out of my comfort zone and embraced this new world.  Hence, my blog was born.  I got featured in different magazines and newspapers and hosted TV shows and events!  I’m not trying to brag, I just want the world to know how scary it was for me to make a huge career change, but eventually, I moved on to do greater things!

My heart beats for more exciting things and all I did  was to follow it!


My Permanent Ink’s Design

I explained the process of how I decided to select the design for my tattoo in my recent blog post here.  To make the long story short, I relied on my HEARTBEAT. 


The Healthy Life

I could not enjoy all this if I’m not healthy enough to move around!  My food choices and dedication to exercise and join sports activities has been the greatest thing that happened to me.  Being healthy adds quality to your life!

The Passion to Travel

Traveling is pretty much a common activity for most people, but not everyone has the passion to go beyond traveling.  I explored a lot of new places, different cultures and experiences.  This taught me a great deal about life.  It opened my mind into greatness and my heart beats for more!


Good Choice of Keeping in Touch with Family and Loved Ones

My family, extended family and friends love me so much that they expect me to keep in touch with them all the time!  My mom is actually the one who made the good choice for me (because mothers know best).  She got me my first line with Sun Cellular!  We’ve been using it for years and it never compromised my relationship with my family and loved ones even when I’m away.

I am always away from my family either to study, to work or travel.  I NEED my family.  They’re my support, when I’m down troubled and confused. 

When they need me (and vice versa) getting in touch with them and catching up with our lives is easy thanks to Sun Cellular, the good choice! Smile


Traveling Abroad with Sun

Recently, Sun accommodated the woes of a jet-setter.  Not only is roaming helpful, they also offer travelers a P5 text to a number in the Philippines when I’m abroad!  It’s my recent favorite feature of Sun Cellular – Budget Roaming Service


My Blackberry powered by Sun

I have other phones and numbers that relate to my job but I just can’t live without my Blackberry powered by Sun!  They have great rates and choices for Blackberry users and I just can’t live without BBM.  Well, not just yet!

Sun Cellular also has expanded their coverage offering more reliable connection!


Check out this video

Sun Cellular Postpaid


Value for Money

The best part about the good choices I make is the value I get for the money I spend! I get a lot of perks and features at very affordable prices!  I got a good discount from the tattoo I got.  I travel on a sleek budget and take advantage of hotel deals and seat sales!  The more I save, the more I have fun! Having Sun Cellular with me equips me with a great tool to keep in touch with my online activities even when I travel.


How about you?  What good choices have you made and how to do you feel about them?



*This is a sponsored post for Sun Cellular.

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