The Story of the Slumdog Flair Candy and Why She Hates Short-cut-ers


I am not born rich!

My mom and her 4 sisters and 1 brother were raised in the squaters area. That’s right. You think this candy was born in a bed of gold? definitely not… My mom is unlucky as a child. Her mother (my grandmother) was not well-off. Okay, so my title is a bit overrated I just put it that way just to attract your interests πŸ˜› and besides anyone by now would know what a “Slumdog” is… πŸ˜› Anyway, they were not really slumdogs, they were just decently dirt-poor. They did live in the squaters area and they always had dried fish in their tables for food and a whole bunch of rice. (Maybe that explains why our family finds it so hard to trim down our tummies – too much rice intake haha) πŸ˜› They could not afford to send my mom and her siblings to private school.   Luckily there are public schools in the city and that’s where my mom went. My mother as a child was very hardworking… She would wake up each morning to go to the market and prepare food for her, lola, lolo and her siblings. She would then “walk” 10 blocks, in the heat of the sun, just to go to school. MY GOSH IMAGINE THAT! If it were me I would have **fainted** but I solemnly acknowledge their hard work… deep in my heart, I really appreciate the challenges she has gone through…

My mom worked her way at school. She took her education seriously and graduated with an Accounting degree. (Like daughter like mother… eh??? ok, ok, I’ts the other way around…) My mom’s more of a genius than me! She could not, however, afford to pay for the review school and board examinations for Certified Public Accountant licensure examinations at that time. There are no PRC testing centers in Bacolod up till now. So if she would take one she would have to go either to Iloilo or Manila.

Since no funds were set up for her CPA board exam, she contented herself to a not-so-high-paying-job. She managed to earn some bucks just enough to send her little sister (my aunt) to school. Then her and her siblings helped each other out to almost everything. They only prioritized one thing for them all and that is… EDUCATION.

My mom did not take any short cuts… She worked so hard to be where she is now. Do you think now that I am just a sitting pretty beauty queen? ABSOFREAKINLUTELY NOT!!! Although I am luckier than she is, I always put into mind that I am “me” because of her. I am not comfortable living the very comfortable life knowing that they before were burning their sandals out just to walk to school. I, on the other hand, was driving my own car when I was in college… and I took the board exam she did not take! That’s why there was so much effort I put into studying for the board exams because I really want to be that for her. At least that would make her happy! Although, it is really not my ideal career, it is still my choice to pursue the course.

Right now my mom is still naturally pretty πŸ™‚  I hope she is proud of her daughter coz I have been working hard too, like her, but in a totally different level. πŸ™‚  She’s still pretty because she goes to Belo and uses OBAGI and she has the money to pay for her pampering arleady..  But still, her body is quite tired from working already… Poor mommy…

My mom did not take any shortcuts…

So did my Accountancy teacher, Ms. Lawas.

Ms. Lawas always told me that in life, there are no shortcuts. If you want to work your way to achieve your goal, you must definitely work hard for it. The Zobels and the Ayalas didn’t just sit and grew money on the bench, they were hardworking too! They were burning their brains for candy’s sake to think of new businesses and seek opportunities to grow their money some more!

What about the Lotto winners? Yes they are just plain lucky… but they also worked hard to go to the lotto house every day! or at least not everyday but suffer the long lines when they’re buying a ticket.


Why I hate Short Cuts

Duh… that’s because of my story above, yahlloorr??? Can’t follow me? πŸ˜›  haha … I was raised to think that way. Thinking there is no shortcuts! If you always think that there is always a way and you will definitely have a shortcut some way around then it would just get you LAZY! You wait and wait for it and not work hard for it and pray to be lucky but in the end you drain down the toilet waiting!


Cheating is obviously a short cut!

I must admit I have cheated in some ways at school πŸ˜› But nothing major! I just cheat if I think it is fair to do so πŸ˜› Disclaimer for a while here and this is the truth and many would vouch for it… In our classrooms in my accountancy class, in University of St. La Salle – Bacolod, we never cheat even if we are left alone by our mentor we do our own thing independently! We all firmly believed that if we do cheat, we would not pass the board exams because there is no way of cheating there!

Anyway… If the CHEATING is unfair that’s the time I hate it the most! If you are “cheating” the law because it’s ridiculous then that would be a valid cheating for me and I wouldn’t hate cheating in that case. But if you are “cheating” the law because you want to keeel some more then that’s totally scary and freaky go to the mental hospital dude!


Stealing is also a short cut!

You all bloggers and photographers… and everyone (blur @_@) know what this means… You worked your ass out trying to save from your poor itsy-bitsy-teeny-weeny-little income to buy all the gears, the lenses, the flashes, the camera body itself and some underwater gears that you bought in a scary, unsafe, high crime rate, ghetto area so that you could just take this uber duper nice picture full of awesomeness that you wanted to put in your humble blog so that at least it would generate you some decent traffic and attract readers! Then someone just grabs this photo from you without any credit for you or your site… How would you freakin feel? yeah-huh I know what you mean buddies… That is also a means of a short cut… The short-cut-er did away from the saving part to the buying of the gears and stuff and short-cutted his way to just having that awesome picture.

G my P ladies and gents?


Helping someone is giving him access or permission to short cut

Sentence above is straightforward, if you don’t get it then ask your seatmate. If you don’t have a seatmate, ask someone online. If you have no friends online, ask me, I’ll be your friend. πŸ˜‰

OK FINE! I’ll elaborate! Someone who asks questions all the time is fond of making short-cuts. This really depends you know. Sometimes you really need help from people. We all do! No one is an island. But someone asks you bugging questions all the time, how to do this do that… then that is just being a pest mah? Again you have all these knowledge in you someone asks for help and you share. The asker took a shortcut.

Again, there’s nothing wrong with this as long as it is in the healthy level. I personally love extending help to people who seem to really really need it. If you are a frequent reader of my blog you will notice tips and hints to budget travelling and what nice gadget to buy, is it good, bad or worth it? I put up this blog because I want to help the community.

But all this hardwork you have done to pull everything through and help others, he would not give you a decent crap of credit then that’s all bull.

So I hope that you understand that I have some little hesitation if you wanna grab my pictures without linking to my site or recognizing me. I have brought in much effort and hardwork in this blog balancing it from my work (Honestly, I am so busy and really got no time to update my blog at the office.) So if ever I do update, it’s at home where I am already tired and grumpy. Probably explains why this post is a funny grumpy one because I am writing it at 4am~

Me, as much as possible I avoid shortcuts… unless the shortcut is logical and won’t compromise me for any matter in the future then that should be fine.   There are many other instances where short-cut-ers would step on you…

Have you had any experience where you were short-cutted by someone?  Please share on the comments below πŸ™‚

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  1. Pingback: hannaherika
  2. I dislike shortcuts too .. but that’s what all living thing strive for ..
    If you had a lion a large piece of meat, it would eat it instead of going out to hunt, won’t it? If someone come up and hand you 1 million dollars to for absolutely no catch, you would take it won’t you?

    Can’t help it. Maybe because our life is short, we take short cut to teach out goals faster.

    However, cheating to jump queue is just plain wrong. Some people can live with it, but I know many people can’t too. No me anyway πŸ˜€

  3. HAHA! Thanks for taking the time to read Ed. Can Relate? Nakalimimutan kong ilagay!!! stealers of ideas are also short-cut-ers!!! They do away with the brainstorming part and rob you off your ideas and implement it themselves πŸ˜‰ *wink*

  4. Haha…My realization based from people i know who chose to do ‘shortcuts’ (especially in school). the difference between those who worked hard and those who took shortcuts is what they are right now.

    btw, nice article! πŸ˜€

  5. Yeah, I can relate–from cheating in school til all about stealing. Actually, almost all. I’m a slumdog too. :p

  6. Wow Hannah. Ang dami kong natutunan ah. At di ako nagshortcut! Binasa ko lahat beginning from end.

    Makaka-relate pala ako sayo kasi yung parents ko rin at siblings nya, sila lang nagpapaaral sa isa’t-isa. Education din yung focus nila, isa lang (out of 8) di nakapagtapos. Masasabi ko lang, hardwork would really pay off.

    At ang mga nagshoshortcut, ibagsak! Unfair yata yun. πŸ˜›

  7. I am the kind of person who is always in a hurry.. I just don’t know why, and that made me think somehow, that I am different… But even if I am like this, and like that, I still and really trying to avoid shortcuts.

    Moving on, I may say that I can put myself into the shoe of your mom. I’ve been there seriously. And I mean it, it wasn’t really easy.

    As they always say: “it takes time”. And so the journey will continue! (goodluck)

  8. Hannah!! Nakakarelate ako sa blog mong ito! Cheating and stealing is a shortcut, indeed LOL. Though in some time, shortcuts are okay, we have to make sure na wala tayong natatapakang tao.

    Kala ko sponsored by OBAGI and BELO ang post pero ndi pala kasi wala namang link hahaha!

  9. Haha yeah! It totally depends… I take short cuts too as long as everybody is happy and it would be a win-win situation for everyone why not? πŸ™‚

  10. in my undergraduate studies (accountancy) I was fond of shortcuts… when I was reviewing the first time… i had the hard time… on my second review, i really worked hard for it.. I passed πŸ™‚ with spiritual guidance of course πŸ™‚

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