To Splurge or Not To Splurge?

Hey everybody! Sorry I haven’t blogged for a while, it was a crazy week full of meetings, gym sesh, events, filming and editing. It’s the good kind of busy where all the things I do contribute to the life I want and where I position myself to be in a couple of years from now.

This thought just crossed my mind because right now, I am so torn on splurging for the holidays, or saving because I just decided to do blogging and vlogging full time again and since I went out for a looooong hiatus, I’m pretty much starting from scratch again. Either way, I think positively about my life and career goals and I’m optimistic that if I work hard then I would progress even further. It has been great going back to working and corporate life, but I miss getting creative and sharing things I learn here and there to you guys. With that said, my finances are just so-so and I have to be picky with the things that I buy.

One of the factors that make me decide whether to buy something or not is if it is counted as an investment. Investments have so many definitions but to me, an investment is an asset that produces income or helps you generate income. It’s not something I buy and I just display or makes me spend even more, investments are things that bring me closer to the quality of life I want and need.

If you can afford it and as long as you have fulfilled your finances on your basic needs, please splurge on yourself. You cannot take care of anyone else, or even your career, if you don’t splurge for your own health and wellness.

Speaking of splurging, I always invest on my overall health and wellness. If you play Sims, you will know that art increases the happiness mood meter of the sim. It’s the same in real life. The more you surround yourself your beauty, the better your inner psyche. This is my goal, to surround myself with pretty things so I can be inspired to be more creative and inspire other people in the process.

These days, I am in front of the PC a lot – editing, playing FPS, blogging, studying, researching, etc. This causes a toll on my eyes and It’s a great season to buy new specs.


I got invited to the Eye Society and Belo Medical  Group event where they launched and announced their Holiday Splurge campaign. Eye Society is running its Holiday Splurge campaign offering free gifts from Ray-Ban and participating brands, up to 70% off in discounts, spare pair value deals, and flexible installment plans at guaranteed 0% interest for BPI and BDO cardholders store-wide, nationwide until December 31.

What do you think? 😉

The Holiday Splurge campaign is also in partnership with the Belo Medical Group, that treats Eye Society customers with a minimum single receipt purchase worth P15,000 to free Belo services. Customers may choose between the Belo Multivitamin infusion that boosts the immune system, increases energy and aids cellular regeneration, or the IV Glutathione, a dose of potent antioxidants that privides extra protection from free-radical damage, improves immune system response as well as its famous skin lightening benefit.

For more information, visit Eye Society online at and on Facebook and Instagram @EyeSocietyPH.

Check out my Vlog featuring this event.

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