Unboxing HTC ChaCha

I’ve been loving my HTC ChaCha! I think I was one of the first few people to *own* it because I won it through Smart-HTC launch!

It’s an amazing phone and I thought it is priced really high because of the touch screen and the qwerty physical keyboard!  But, you can get it at P15,500 and you can it for free through a Smart P1000 plan!



Things I do with my HTC Chacha:

– update my social media with that Facebook button that’s very convenient. They didn’t tag this phone as the “Facebook phone” for nothing

– broadcast / lifecast via justin.tv with HTC as my mobile camera.  I live streamed myself while packing before my flight to Singapore and surprisingly I had like 43 views constant.  Recorded live stream link.

HTC ChaCha Unboxing

– use it as a portable Wi-Fi hotspot.  Using Smart unlimited data plan, I can surf unlimited within the day at p50

HTC ChaCha Unboxing

– alternate camera when I forget my main camera!


– Chat! IM and everything else! I can do everything as long as I am also subscribed to a data plan.  In my case I use Smart.

– blog through WordPress app for android

– surf the net, use Google maps, check email etc!

– play poker and other games

So far, the only down side is the low internal memory storage at 150mb only.  If you have thousands of contacts synced through Google and Facebook like me, then the 150mb might get full just because of that.

But don’t worry, the memory is still expandable and it already has a 2GB external memory installed when you buy it!

So far, my experience with HTC ChaCha has been a happy one!

HTC ChaCha Unboxing

It’s fast, convenient and it looks fab!  I love holding it in public… then people would come to me and be like “Is that the HTC ChaCha?”

I guess this phone is a crowd magnet!

Check out full specs of HTC ChaCha here.


Get the flash player here: http://www.adobe.com/flashplayer



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