Unlimited Browsing for P15 with Smart and Opera Mini

How was your weekend guys?  Were you able to connect with friends, family and loved ones?

I had a blast this weekend!  In fact, I consider this week to be one of the most productive weeks in my year without having to sacrifice fun!!!  See I currently work for a US company and we are launching new products online.  Our website is called lightingsale.com 🙂  Anyway, my boss based on the US (she’s Bulgarian) came over here to train us and learning more things about the internet (ecommerce side), apart from social media stuff, it is quite a breathe of fresh air!

Fun didn’t get in the way of work because we went out on a Friday night to party at Hyve!  That was SUPER FUN!  I got to share my photos in an instant!

The problem with smatphones is that the battery gets drained quite easily 🙁  I know you guys can relate.  After a full day of use, my iPhone just died.

But I’m still hyper and while waiting for my early morning snack at 4am, I still got to browse the webosphere with my old school Nokia e63!  I was still able to browse my twitter and facebook timeline, and got to post a few Twitter brain farts along the way!  Heck, I even got to reply to emails that are work-related and urgent!  So I don’t have to miss any deadlines for my work, even when I’m partying!!!


My old school Nokia e63

This phone has been with me for almost 5 years already!  The reason why I love it so much is because I can carry it with me for 5 days without draining battery yet!  And this serves as my back-up phone for anything – texting, calling and even mobile surfing!


Opera Mini with Smart for P15

So, Smart recently launched a new mobile internet offer for SMART Prepaid users.

My Nokia e63, and so as other phones Symbian, Android, iPhone, Windows – whatever, they are data capable.  As long as your phone is data capable (can WAP, GPRS, 3G), you can avail of this affordable unlimited browsing rate.  The fear of unexpected cost holds people back from living more on the go.  Now, you guys can live more with Smart and Opera Mini.

For only P15, you get the lowest unlimited surfing experience across unlimited websites!


Know more about Smart and Opera Mini.

Very very low pricing for unlimited surfing: P15/day or P60/week.

It is also worry free because of the following notifications: when you leave free sites to paid sites, when you stream videos and when you download more than 15mb of content. All they need to do is download the browser at m.opera.com

To subscripe for Smart Opera Mini unlimited browsing, text Opera 15 to 211.


Download Opera Mini Now!

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