Wild Child

Today, I went home from a friend’s place and I was SUPER HUNGRY I could eat a hippopotamus!!!  My tummy is such an acidic b*tch that I chew on Tums more than I should (ok I’m kidding, at least I think I just take enough).  Therefore, sometimes I really have to eat to stop it from b*tchin!  So, I bought food from McDonald’s  – nuggets and fries … no drinks! and what time I bought those snacks you ask – 12 midnight!

Now, you understand why if I frequently do overtime at work, I get fat… that is because the more hours I am awake, the more I get hungry — the more I eat!  Otherwise, I will just sleep early, wake up late… and my tummy can just rest from b*tchin’ me.

Wow, my introduction is quite long and detailed that it would make you wonder “Why did she entitled this post *Wild Child*?”  Yeah I have to, otherwise you will doubt that I’m already 24 (YESSSSS… 24!!! **FAINTS**).

You see, “Wild Child” is a movie… movie for teenagers, for “little princesses”, for high school and elementary students, kids who watch movies of Emma Roberts!

I arrived home and turned on the TV and switched to HBO.  I was just in time as I saw the “earth revolving” (universal studios logo)… “Great, let’s see what this movie is…”  Then the title showed “Wild Child” — I was like… “What is this?  Wild Things for teenagers or something?”


That’s **Wild Child** — the teenybopper movie! not some p0rn!  You perv, you must have thought **Wild Things** – nope, it’s Wild Child.

Anyway, I was supposed to watch the movie until I finish eating my food but then I watched through the whole movie!  The storyline was nice, it’s something I would recommend my little sister Snow to watch.

Poppy (Emma Watson) was sent to an all-girls school in England with a very conservative and strict environment.  I can just relate to that!!! Well, not the England part (I wish) but the studying in a conservative all-girls school!


Well… It made me miss my high school days…

Look at those super slim arms of mine!!!  (From Left: Monica, Pooja, myself, Angeline, Socorro and Janina)

We looked like we were about to enter a convent huh…

Anyway, I am proud to be a product of St. Scholastica’s Academy – Bacolod (SSA)!  SSA is also known to be the acronym of “School for Sexy Angels” (we just made that up to sound hot lol but we really did not need to because we already sizzle).  I am proud of my batchmates as well.  Now, you will find each and every one of us scattered all around the world doing some awesome job.  Of course, we are saddened because one of our batchmates went to become a true Angel already.

Those were the days… and fyi, back in high school *I have never been kissed* 😉 so pure so innocent… you kinda miss it sometimes ^_^ all I had were *crushes* lol… those days when you are naive… you have no money and you rely on your allowance from your parents… but that’s all you ever cared about… that and school… right now, when you’re working, you’d have to look out for yourself.  You have more responsibilities.

If only I was already blogging then, maybe I could have preserved all our dance routines from cheerleading, folk dances and tons of dance intermission numbers for the school.

Well then… time to say Ciaoz and wan an everyone! It’s already 2:30 am and I need some serious beauty sleep…


Wanna know a really interesting secret during my high school days? … After school, we have cheerleading practice then… ZzzzzzZZzzzz  (X_x) ZZzzzzZzzzzz



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  1. I watched this movie last night. I love it, nkakatuwa sya. For sure your sister will like it too. But Poppy is not Emma Watson. She’s Emma Roberts, Julia Roberts’ niece.

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