X-Pole Unboxing: Meet Loki

WOOHOO!!! I cannot contain my excitement as I unbox my Pole.  For a while I had to think of a name for my Pole.  At first I thought of Van Gogh.  To name it after a great artist with a taste of rough beauty and with personal issues himself.  But nevertheless, a genius for his works.  Pole opened my right side of the brain.  My creativity.  I think Van Gogh is a great name, but maybe not for a pole. πŸ™‚

A pole name needs to be bad-ass and in my case, simple but rockin’  So I had to choose the Marvel supervillain LOKI (or that Norse god).  The god of mischief.  Arch-enemy of THOR. #geekmode 

I tried to shape my body with my new pole to look like LOKI’s signature headpiece πŸ™‚

I have been a fan of Loki’s character.  Not his evil deeds, but his determination to do what he wants to be done.  He’s a SUPER GENIUS!  He is smart enough to always almost take down the Avengers!  (Of course, in every story, good must win)  Imperfect world.  Even superheroes have the right to bleed and be imperfect.  Even Superman almost destroyed the universe.  All supervillains have also gone through some rough patch down their history.  Or in mysterious ways for the Joker.. as no one really knows about his past.  

Anyway, LOKI is bad-ass.  He is not as popular of a villain as Lex Luthor but I’m glad you finally all met him in the movie Thor.

He’s quite handsome too… well, this is Tom Hiddleston as Loki.


unboxing my pole…


Impatient kitty.

Chase is curious.


I ordered my pole from Polecats Manila


I just followed the video tutorial they have on X-Pole US.

As far as I know, X Poles are the safest (or one of the safest) poles you can use.

Can you believe I mounted Loki all by myself πŸ™‚  #proud


Now here are some test photos πŸ˜›

Did a few tricks to test it πŸ™‚


Some elbow stand variation

I think this is called a scorpion.


Another elbow stand / head stand variation.



and of course… the Superman πŸ™‚


The pole is new so it is a bit slippery @__@

anyway, Happy DANCE!!!

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