On a plane from KL to Manila…

I was writing an article for my blog flaircandy.com and I was looking for a word that would describe my brain being drained of anything intellectual because of not sleeping straight since I left the Philippines.

The word “Zonked” just came to my mind.  It sounded right and I though it would best describe how I feel… I wrote the next sentence, but I couldn’t move on because I realized that I have not used nor heard (consciously) of the word “Zonked” before.  Since I wanted to impress someone for this article that I was writing, I played safe and replaced the word “Zonked.”

I checked my twitter a little bit and I saw Kristel tweeting about Josh Hartnet.

In the airplane… I was supposed to watch LOST… but even with my ear phones plugged in,I still couldn’t hear the audio well… So, I looked for other movies that I can watch… I started watching Wicker Part before and I figured I will continue watching it now (then was not probably the right time to watch Wicker Park).

Then, I was like… oooh, it’s Josh Hartnet, what a coincidence…

Then at the middle of the movie… he used the word *zonked*

la la la… wierd

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