Zoom Zoom Pow: F1 Singapore Night Race 2011 Updates

Whenever you attend or watch F1, there’s always motorsport drama!

You are going to live louder than life at this year’s Grand Prix Season Singapore as it returns from September 16 – 25, 2011 to complement the world’s only Formula One night race.  This is the fourth year that Singapore is hosting the night race and my love for F1 and the Singapore night race never fades.

Formula One ticket holders allows them to access a line-up of more than 300 entertainers – but more importantly, witness the most luxurious sport in the world – the Formula One Grand Prix!

F1 Singapore Grand Prix, GPSS

A lot of F1 racing fans debate and comment on the many rules in Formula 1 racing that it seems like it’s not racing anymore!  They have refueling and tire rules, overtaking guidelines and many other rules.

But I think rules are there for the benefit of everyone… And despite these budget and safety rules – F1 is still a very exciting sport to watch!

Lewis Hamilton had troubles overtaking Michael Schumacher in the last Italian Grand Prix saying “He’s moving all over the place.”   For those of you who aren’t motorsports fans and don’t know Lewis Hamilton, he is the current boyfriend of hot lead Pussycat Doll Nicole Sharzinger!  Get the connection now?  Anyway, Lewis was as asked if Michael Schumacher’s driving had been fair on their latest Italian Grand Prix and he said “Yeah, that’s racing.”

The drama and the action doesn’t end!  Formula 1 is more than just speeding cars passing you by, there’s a whole lot story behind every team, every driver!

What to expect on F1 Singapore Grand Prix

Spoiler alert you guys, but Sebastian Vettel (Red Bull-Renault) is winning the driver’s championship.  Sebastian Vettel won last year’s F1 championship and he is set to retain his title this year.

This was acknowledged by Fernando Alonzo (Ferarri) when he conceded  the F1 title to Vettel and is now focused on finishing the race.

“Six races to go so obviously the championship is impossible,” said Alonso. “Not mathematically but we are no longer in contention.  We are fighting for second place in the championship.”

Mark Webber, Sebastian Vettel’s team mate also conceded.

The drivers may have conceded on the F1 overall championship title, but they are still battling for 2nd place and for raising their team’s overall score!


My Bet

I don’t bet professionally, but I have my own favorite drivers.  My favorite F1 driver is Kimi Raikkonen.  Whenever he’s around to drive, there’s more drama.  People love and hate him.  Aside from his good looks *wink* he is one great street driver!  Ferrari decided not to let him drive on 2010, replacing him with Fernando Alonzo.  But since Kimi still had a contract with Ferarri, they had to pay him to the rest of the contract just so he would not drive.

But I think he didn’t deserve to get replaced.  The Ferrari cars are not modeled to their best unlike before.  Even the replacement Fernando Alonzo, who I believe is another good driver, could make they wonky Ferrari car fly.

As for my current favorite driver, it would be Sebastian Vettel.  I applaud his fashion style on the track, his passion for racing and his miracle win last year!

If Vettel wins Singapore GP this year, it will be his 9th victory.

Plus, he looks like Justin Bieber when the Biebs grows up.

Grand Prix Season Singapore Formula 1 Updates

Are you ready for the Singapore night race?

Well, it’s up next in the Formula 1 Calendar.  Italian Grand Prix just got concluded over the weekend and surprise surprise, Vettel won.  There was a little bit of drama between Lewis Hamilton and Michael Schumacher.  And whatever the standings in the Italian Grand Prix will somehow influence the next race – Singapore!

But, drivers and teams can totally turn it around

Latest standings of Formula 1 drivers and teams are as follows (before Singapore GP):


*F1 stats compiled by F1Fanatic.

Share the exhilarating F1 racing experience, from the drivers and the track, to the only night race on the F1 calendar – the F1 Singtel Singapore Grand Prix – along with accessory races, the JK Racing Asia Series and the Porsche Carrera Cup Asia.

F1 Spectators

There will be celebrities, people from all over the world, F1 motor fans, bloggers, party-goers, corporate people – everyone will be there to get a chance to enjoy the Formula 1 race in the lush city of Singapore.

I might be there 😀 and so will my friends! I’m so excited!


Experience Grand Prix Season Singapore by planning your luxurious sporting vacation now.  Singapore Airlines offers all-in packages starting at USD 920/person.  This special rate includes roundtrip economy class airfare with airport transfers, 3N/4D hotel acommodations, Philippine travel tax & fuel surchare and a FORMULA ONE race ticket (Zone 4 Walkabout Pass for 3 days).

If you bought your tickets already, lucky you!  It’s going to be worth it guys, I always had fun covering the F1 in Singapore! If you haven’t yet, check out these links below to help you plan your Grand Prix Season Singapore experience:

To purchase your FORMULA ONE tickets go to www.singaporegp.sg

To purchase your FORMULA ONE tickets go to www.singapore.sg

For Grand Prix Season Singapore packages, refer to www.singaporeair.com

Singapore Airlines

For Grand Prix Season Singapore packages, refer to www.singaporeair.com

For more information about the Grand Prix Season Singapore, check out www.YourSingapore.com

For more information about the Grand Prix Season Singapore, check out www.YourSingapore.com

F1 Singapore Grand Prix, GPSS


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