OFFLOAD: Haunted Hotel Room 404

Time of writing: Aug 7, 2022 6pm – Hawaii time
Location: Flying somewhere above the Pacific Ocean



Dear readers, if I still have any ;),

I write again as I try to offload some thoughts in my brain during this eight-hour flight from Honolulu to Seoul. It’s the fourth hour of my flight and my mindset right now is way so much better than eight days ago.

For this flight, I don’t feel alone anymore. I am reminded that I have company of friends, family, God and even a ghost or an entity from another dimension. Let me tell you all about that.

First of all, I want to share that because I have offloaded some unproductive activities in my life, I was more in-tune with my own energy. Presumably, I also became sensitive to the energies surrounding me.  Hawaii + Friends is a good formula for healing, right? Of course the trip won’t be possible without the support of my family. With that said, and stress was less, I was able to focus more on healing. I was more receptive to God talking to me through other people. I had two car-riding drivers (one in Hawaii, one in PH) who reached out and prayed for me because they felt a solemn whisper saying to do so.

Another thing that happened was kind of creepy, but also a revelation to myself that I am way so much stronger than I thought I was. I don’t like watching horror movies, at least by myself, because I get scared easily. So I really thought I’m weak in spirit. But no.

On my first night at the hotel I’m staying at, the radio turned on while I was using the toilet. I brushed it off thinking it may have a pre-programmed alarm to turn on the radio at a certain time. It was 12:09 midnight and I am alone in my room. I slept well that night, lights on of course. If I’m by myself, I leave the lights on when I sleep, and the TV too.

The next day, I woke up at 5am because we had an early hike. We got done and had lunch and then my friends dropped me off to my hotel so we can take a nap before we surf in the afternoon. 

It was 1pm, I was trying to sleep, but the phone in my room had the loudspeaker turned on and I hear the dial tone… Creepy but maybe it’s just fluctuation in electrical current, who knows. I just hang up the phone, went back to trying to go to sleep.  After 5 minutes, the loud speaker turned on again! This happened 4 times and I got up and I spoke verbally in my room, “Please find another room because you are not welcome here right now. I need to sleep.” Interestingly, it stopped! 

I called the maintenance still, they couldn’t find anything wrong with it. I didn’t unplug the phone because there might be an emergency or some other important thing so I left it connected and plugged.

I told my friends about this during dinner and my friend’s mom told me to get salt and put it around the 4 corners of the room, and that I did.

It never bothered me after that, until the final hour of my stay there. I was packing my things and it turned on again, just once this time. I said, give me a few minutes and I will leave. I prayed the Guardian Angel prayer. Then I said this when I left the room for checkout, “You can have the room again because I am leaving. I am not allowing you to follow me, you can have the room.”

I’m feeling a bit proud of myself. I have proven to myself that I am brave. That I can take care of myself and project good energy to dispel any negative ones.

It also helps that I have been feeling better about my situation. I planned to do a social media break with no deadline. I was surprised that 5 days in the trip, I felt ready to post again. It basically means, I feel ready to take another step. 

And here I am. 

100% still me. Still complete by myself just like before. Bruised, not broken. When the situation changed because of something out of my control, I’ve become better at accepting that, knowing I always tried to do my part.

And so, I found peace in that.

It’s strength I got from learning how to value myself over the years.

If you are reading this and you feel astray, go back to you. Start with the person in front of the mirror. Listen to what it has to say, then work on what your heart desires.

If I can do it, so can you.



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