103.5 Max Road Challenge the Bloggers

I was so busy at work…

I did not have the time to plurk…

Lucky I logged in

I saw Benj’s invite I said “I’m in!”

LOL lame lame poem!   Anyway, Sunday morning … a group of bloggers: Benj, Eugene, Jeff and me were in a competitive mode to win this Road Challenge!  We were hyped up and booklets with questions were given to us.  At first we were saddened because we did not know all the answers to everything and we had to pass with either blank answers or a scientific guess!

Anyway, we did our best to answer everything and to accomplish each task.  We went to the places stated to find clues… Brought our guts out to ask weird questions from strangers just to satisfy our booklet with answers.  We had to tune in to 103.5 all the time while Eugene was driving so that we will get answers.

At the end, we didn’t really think that we could win since we thouht all the other competitors were really “FANS.”  Well, we are too… epecially me!

My 103.5 discovery

I made a blog post like 4 months ago about my discovery of Max FM.  I listen to Magic 89.9 before but I kind of got sick of listening to djs voices rather than music.  So I flipped stations one night and accidentally discovered 103.5!!!  “The Blue Room” was playing I believe.  It was midnght and I was on my way home from work.  The soul music gave me a sudden calm and from then on, I became a convert.

Next morning, my car’s radio was still tuned in to 103.5.  I heard all the Dance music  I was so happy because I’m a dancer and I really love dance music!  I loved it more!  I found a perfect partner for driving!

We won!

We really didn’t think we’d win.  As I said earlier… we were frustrated that we could not answer everything!  :( If ever we would win, I thought we would be 3rd place.  When The Sarge and Zip Cody announced the 3rd winnerI was like… meh… so we didn’t win even third place pfft.  Then all of us weren’t listening much already.  Jeff and I were talking about the Ligo meatloaf tarpoline.  Eugene had a pokerface.  Benj was … I forgot what he was doing.  Then all of a sudden I eard “BLOGGERS” 1 sec… 2 sec… 3 sec… WHOAH!!! WE WON?!?!?!?!


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