Art In Site Magazine – Chance for Pinoy Artists to get Cover


Calling out all Pinoy Artists!  This is your chance to get your art on a Magazine cover!  Art In Site Magazine needs 3,000 artists!  As of now, 1,500 artists have registered!

Click here to view the guidlines and to register at once!

They collaborate with all artists including:  writers, filmakers, sculptors, painters, digital artists, photographers, jeepney painters, poets, essayists, choreographers, directors, playwrights, set designers, dancers, graffiti artists, novelists, composers, performance artists, anyone and everyone with a Filipino artistic soul.

So, are you one of the artists mentioned above?  I actually registered for this already… Meaning, there is 1 cover reserved for me… [O.o]  Oshkoshbgosh now… I fall under ehermz ehermz photographer, poet, writer, choreographer especially, dancer and used to sketch and paint a little but I believe that side of me has died now.  Though I am not so sure how to make a cover if you are a choreographer, or a dancer… a playwright or a writer… but hey you could go to their website and read their guidelines or you may actually contact them.

Art In Site coming to the Philippines soon… be a part of its history.


Art Candy


I have asked a query from Art In Sight and to all non-graphic artists (choreographer, dancer, poet etc..) you could provide a printed picture depicting your art.  Be Creative! 🙂


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