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My diet

It gets harder to maintain my ideal body as I grow older, but I refuse to succumb into this circumstance. There are ways to keep a youthful body and I’m sure you have already read a few tips and tricks here and there. What worked for me is to stay away from junk, eat natural foods and avoid sugar and carbs. There are exceptions though, I’d eat fruits if it is high in fiber and low in GI (Glycemic Index). It just means I eat good carbs moderately, they are digested slowly and thus you don’t get a spike in your blood sugar which is harmful to your body.

Hunt for super foods!

I am always on the hunt for super foods! My conditions are:

  1. It has to be healthy
  2. Not processed
  3. It has lots of nutrients
  4. It has to taste good, otherwise, what’s the point 😛


Hello Australian Oranges!

Sharing with you now my latest discovery – Australian Oranges. Citrus fruits like oranges help your body boost its immune system against common illnesses. with its healthy properties, oranges protect you from illnesses. Australia is know for producing great tasting oranges, it set the bar up for my standards!

  Health Benefits of Oranges

Aussie Oranges

  1. Works hard to support the immune system. Oranges have antioxidants that support our immune system and fight free radicals 2. Keep your ageing process in check. Super antioxidents such as polyphenols and carotenoids assist in helping slow down the ageing process and keeping degenerative diseases at bay. 3. Oranges for a happy heart. Oranges contain the perfect recipe of heart protective nutrients such as folate, potassium, fiber, and antioxidants 4 Eat healthily and maintain a healthy weight. Oranges are an ideal fruit as part of a balanced diet. With low GI and high fiber, they’ll ward off hunger pangs and keep you satisfied for longer.

Aussie Oranges

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