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There’s technically 2 seasons in the Philippines.  Rainy and Summer season.  I say, either way, it’s summer all year round!  But of course the much awaited summer break, long weekends and holidays during summer gives us more reason to celebrate!  Road trips, beach escapades, hiking for the adventurous, beach and summer sports for the athletic and just to unwind and relax for those who want to get away from the hectic life.

Sun-worshippers!  Are you ready for this summer?

Before heading out to enjoy the summer festivities, drop by any Watsons branch first for your summer essentials!  Almost everything you need for summer is here!

Watsons has a recent campaign “Watsons Sun Up to Sun Down” in partnership with DOT.  Promoting the different cultural gems, pristine shores and lush landscapes of our country!

Wherever you’re headed, keep your skin protected from Sun Up to Sun Down by dropping by your one-stop shop for sun protection – Watsons!

Watsons Summer Essentials Sun Up to Sun Down

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Nivea Sun Sunblock Spray

Cheryl of

– invisible cooling mist

– water resistant

– SPF 50 and UVB protection

– non-greasy

– quick absoption

– works from all angles without repeated pumping

Contains UVA & UVB filters which prevent harmful rays from penetrating your skin and causing damage.

I have tried this baby and it works wonders!  It’s perfect to carry with you while on the beach to re-apply sunblock!  Why?  It’s very easy to use.  Me and the team recently went surfing in Zambales and I brought this tool.

Everyone loved it because it was very easy to apply.  Just spray it and you’re good to go.

Quick application – especially if you’re in a rush to surf!

Belo SunExpert

– SPF 50

– PA +++

– Transparent Mist

– Non-sticky

– Quick drying

– Cell Protect

– Hypoallergenic

Use this for long lasting sun protection.  It feels light to apply and comes also in spray form.  It also has a cell protect formula to prevent premature aging.

Beach Hut Sunblock

Has Micronized Zinc Oxide technology for maximum fun under the sun.  They have sunblock for the face and for the body.  SPF protection goes up to 100!

– Sweatproof

– Water resistent

– Light lotion

– with Micronized Zinc Oxide (Zinc gives great skin protection)

– Quick drying

– non-sticky

I usually apply this before walking to the beach.

Kojie San Sunblock

– SPF 50

– PA+++

– with Sunactyl un-stress cell protection

– has Vitamin E butter that moisturizes even under the sun

– Affordable at only P249

It doesn’t indicate anti-sweat or water resistant though so I think this is best when you’re just strolling down the beach or every-day protection, or when you’re traveling

– good for dry skin as it is very moisturizing and gets oily feel after a while (it’s good for my dry legs)

Banana Boat

– protects up to 96% of harmful UVB and UVA

– water and sweat resistant

– instantly cools and refreshes

– SPF 50+

– PA +++

– AvoTriplex high UVA protection

– invisible and rub-free

Coppertone Sunscreen

Coppertone Sunscreen has triple action complex and advanced UVA/UVB protection that helps prevent sunburn

– UVA/UVB Protection SPF 50

– Anti-ageing

– antioxidant

– Moisturizing

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer with Helioplex technology for longer lasting protection and dry touch technology for ultra light on the skin.

– SPF 50

– PA +++

– with helioplex broad spectrum uva-uvb protection

– ultra light, clean feel

– moisturizing

– waterproof

Celeteque Sun Care

– double sunscreen protection

– moisturizing and skin hydration

– matte moisturizer

– SPF 30

I use this for my face – for daily use and protection

Ocean Potion 

– has sea botanicals and antioxidant vitamins

– keeps skin nourished and protected

– broad spectrum

– with Parsol 1789 & Solaplex photo-stable UV filter

– Vitamin D3 fortified

– Paraben Free

– water / sweat resistant

– antiaging

Vaseline Healthy White 

– daily sun protection

– spf 24, PA++

– triple lightening / whitening lotion

– with Vitamin B3

Watsons Sheer Sunblock

– body lotion

– ultra high protection

– with Vitamin E

– SPF 100


– Water Resistant

– Lightly Scented

 – Easy Absorbent

Ultra Screen MD

Ultra Screen MD formulated by dermatologist for ultra sun protection in an absorbent gel formula


– hypoallergenic

– unscented

– waterproof / sweatproof

Take your pick!  Mine works if I combine a few of these.  One for daily, then for the beach, then for retouch etc…

A Beach-lover can never have too many sunblocks!


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