Belle De Jour 2011 Power Planner Winner


I am so happy reading all of your entries and I can’t help but celebrate with you virtually!  I must say, I really enjoyed reading all of the entries and it made me realize that there are a lot of things worth celebrating for!  Everyone is indeed a winner.

Here’s a virtual toast to all of us celebrating the goodness of life and all the challenges that made us stronger!

For the winner of the Belle De Jour 2011 Power Planner, I picked the answer that struck me most, inspired me and I bet will inspire many women in the world Smile  She gave out a very powerful message that instantly made me feel good about myself.  I want to quote her entry and share it to more people.

I guess one thing that I realized in my life that is worth celebrating is my womaninity. It is one thing being a mom and wife in this day and age, and quite another to still be your own unique self after the tags (teacher/ driver/ yaya/ companion/ cook/ cheerleader/ financial analyst/ quack doctor/ masseur etc.) has been attached to your name. It is because of the fact that I am a woman that I tackle all these humongous tasks and more with sassiness and flair, even adding to them my own brand of individuality.

I know for a fact that I am more than my place in my family, my job and my other responsibilities. I am that pink streak in the clouds that is more promising than the silver lining. I am that pink cotton candy in this big “circus” called life that makes it all sweet and dandy. I am that hot pink neon sign that radiates brightness and happiness all around me. I am that pink ribbon on your chest that makes you aware and involved in causes that affect not just me but a hundred or so ladies. I am me, a woman. And that is more than enough reason to celebrate.=)

– Blanca Dela Cruz

Congratulations Blanca!

(please check your email)


Let’s continue to inspire Smile


See you at the Belle De Jour Launch 2011 on Sunday, October 24, 2010!


Belle De Jour Fair 2010: Paint the Town Pink


See you at the 2011 BDJ Power Planner Launch and Scuola della Guioia Fundraiser! Get ready for Belle de Jour’s biggest launch yet! This is the FIRST TIME the 2011 BDJ Power Planner will be made available to the public! BDJ will host a Mardi Gras themed festivities and booths, as they match it with various activities and talks from beauty and fashion experts.

Date: October 24, 2010 (Sunday)

Time: 2pm – 9pm

Venue: Venice Piazza, McKinley Hill, Fort Area (Shuttle Bus details below / 60 slots per trip)

Entrance: Php 50 (for walk-ins)

                    Php 30 (for pre-registered BDJ Girls)

100% of Entrance Proceeds will go to Scuola della Guioia

Scuola della Gioia Photo1

Activities and Belle De Jour Planner Discounted price

For this day only!

Free Fortune-Telling, Photo booths, Free Facials from Clarity, Free Cocktail Drinks from The Bar, and you can shop till you drop on items from BDJ Lifestyle brands!

You can get 20% off on your BDJ Planner!! All BDJ Fair attendees can buy the 2011 BDJ Power Planner for only Php480! Yes, you read that right! Your fabulous power planner is made more affordable and packed with the special pages and discount coupons that you love!

Get a chance to win a Free BDJ 2011 Power Planners and many more special prizes from our lifestyle brands! TO WIN! — Play an active role in the fair’s festivities. Pre-register in any of the activities. Please note each activity is limited to certain number of slots =) First come first served.

Check out Belle De Jour’s official website for more details on the event:

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