Crocs Beach Line Collection: Boat Shoe Line

When it comes to comfortable footwear, I always have my trust on Crocs.  I have traveled the world wearing Crocs for the very simple reason – I can walk a thousand miles with it!

These Crocs I got since 2008 – it already traveled to different cities.

Got posted in a few magazines and newspapers wearing this

I cannot let go of them, they are just LOVE!

Most of the time we need to choose between comfort and style, but with Crocs new Boat Shoe Line, we can have the best of both worlds!

Every year, Crocs gives us new designs to enjoy and since it’s summer, they just released their latest beach line collection.  Admit it, Crocs has to be the world’s go-to comfort footwear brand.  On their latest collection, Crocs announces their edgy takes on classic topsiders – they are not your typical boat shoes.  They are made of comfort, sturdy materials and a few colorful designs to choose from.

Crocs Beach Line Collection.

Here are my notes.  They are light and comfortable.  Walking is a breeze and you wouldn’t feel any drag.  The shoes are also designed with siped rubber sole for stronger grip and traction – works for me because I always slip involuntarily!

It’s really great to wear for a beach outing.  I know I just came from a loooong weekend of summer fun in Boracay, but I can’t wait to greet the sea breeze again with these Hurache flip-flops!

I paired it with my favorite Marley headphones and Wonder Woman top from DC Malaysia

Comfort is power when it comes to footwear!  And just to emphasize the importance of this, Crocs launches an online game called Run, Sailor, Run!  Collect coins as you run, dodge obstacles and collect bonuses.  The highest scorer wins an ll-expenses paid, 3-night trip to Singapore for two.  But wait, it doesn’t end there.  It will also send you to experience and board the Crocs yacht!  The more friends play along with you, the higher the score, the higher the chances of winning the grand prize.  Treats would also be given as consolation prizes!

Get the flash player here:

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Fashion bloggers Laureen Uy, David Guison and Camille Co are part of this new Crocs campaign.

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Crocs Run Sailor Run App:

Crocs Twitter: @CrocsPH

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