Obsessing on Fergie’s Futuristic Shoes on Imma Be Video


I think there’s a new trend in the music videos lately, I’ve noticed the longer videos.  Like up to 10 minutes worth of music… Have you watched Lady Gaga feat. Beyonce’s ‘Telephone’ video?  It was 9 minutes long.

Black-Eyed Peas also just released their music video Imma Be.  It’s 10 minutes long… T__T


What I noticed were the shimmering futuristic shoes of Fergie.  Since I wasn’t able to find any high resolution pictures from the internet of her shoes in the video, I just grabbed some caps from YouTube.

Anyway, the video’s setting is supposedly in Three Thousand and Eight (3008)…


*love it*

side view

hmmm sexy sexy Fergie!

Ooooooohhhh La la! I’m talking bout the motor cycle…

oh wait…

you didn’t notice that?

lol… anyway… OMG nice booty!!!

I also noticed the futuristic highly fashionable visor 🙂 nice!

Anyway, watch full video here🙂 Enjoy!!!


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  1. Love the shoes!! In the first picture, it looks like the bottoms are red, so I have a feeling they’re Christian Louboutin!

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