Globe UnliMAIL Free Till End of March 2010

Globe is launching a new service for their subscribers!

Globe UnliMAIL is free for one whole month (‘till March 31, 2010!)

Follow these instructions:

  1. Just text UNLIMAIL to 8888 to download the UnliMAIL application for FREE (or visit for more info)

  2. Please drop me an e-mail to [email protected] if you have successfully downloaded the application.  Send in your Full Name, Globe Mobile number and email address.

Why you NEED to e-mail me?

  • I need to keep track of those who activated and downloaded UnliMAIL through me by reading this post.  After Globe validates the list I send them, the 3-month FREE Unlimail subscription will be awarded to me and to ALL OF MY REFERRALS.
  • E-mail me so that I can personally thank you as well TEEHEE ^_^


Globe Tattoo UnliMAIL


FAQs about the new Globe Tattoo UnliMAIL

1. What is UNLIMAIL?

UnliMAIL is an unlimited mobile email service that enables you to send and receive emails directly on your mobile device anytime, anywhere.

*UnliMAIL is currently on BETA version until March 31, 2010.

2. What is UnliMAIL Beta?

Beta is the initial version of UnliMAIL. During this period, we invite you to download and try UnliMAIL for yourself. Any inputs and comments on the service may be relayed to the team for consideration of inclusion in the final UnliMAIL version.

3. What can UNLIMAIL do for me?

With UNLIMAIL, you are able to enjoy unlimited email communication and the freedom of mobility. Send and receive emails anytime, anywhere. Your emails are delivered to you real time, as if you were really online. No need for internet. Whether you’re at the beach or mall, you are online 24/7.

Other benefits of UNLIMAIL:

· For entrepreneurs and employees, you have your own mobile workspace

· You are able to respond to urgent emails without need for a PC

· You are able to send multiple emails to a group of people

4. Is my handset compatible with UNLIMAIL?

Currently, the only the following handsets are supported by UNLIMAIL but please watch out as we will be continually rolling out and expanding supported handsets:


Nokia N73

Nokia N95

Nokia E90

Nokia E65

Nokia 6210 Classic

Nokia 6620 Classic

Nokia 3250

Nokia N80

Nokia E51


Nokia 6300

Nokia 5310

Sony Ericsson K800i

Nokia 6280

Nokia 7210 Super Nova

Nokia 5300

Sony Ericsson K810i

Sony Ericsson K770i

Sony Ericsson K700

Nokia 6600 Slide

Nokia 3120 Classic

Please go to and check our device list. If your device is not on the list, please contact our support team to find out if we are developing a client that will support your device.

5. How do I register to UNLIMAIL?

· To register to UNLIMAIL, follow these simple steps:

· Text UNLIMAIL to 8888

· You will receive a SMS notification message containing a WAP link.

· To download the UNLIMAIL application for FREE, click on the WAP link.

· When asked for connection settings, choose myGlobe Connect APN.

· The application will automatically download onto your phone.

· Upon successful download, load the UNLIMAIL application on your phone to start sending and receiving emails.

Once the pilot promo ends on March 31, 2010, you will have to send a SMS to activate your subscription after downloading the UNLIMAIL application.

6. How much does it cost to register to UNLIMAIL?

As a pilot promo, UNLIMAIL will be on FREE trial until March 31, 2010.

Final tariff rates will be released prior to the promo expiry date.

7. Until when is the FREE promo trial of UNLIMAIL?

Free trial is until March 31, 2010.

8. Who can register to UNLIMAIL?

UNLIMAIL is available to all Globe Postpaid, Globe Prepaid, Globe Tattoo Mobile subscribers.

9. What email accounts can I push to my UNLIMAIL account?

UNLIMAIL supports the following email and PIM data on Symbian based devices:

· Gmail – Inbox, contacts and Calendar

· Hotmail/Windows Live mail – Inbox

· Yahoo Mail

· AOL mail – Inbox

· ISP based POP3 or IMAP accounts – Inbox only

· Microsoft Outlook, using the UNLIMAIL PC Connector – Inbox, contact and calendar

· Outlook Web Access – Inbox contacts and calendar

Important to note that for Java devices, the above email and data sources are supported, but only the Inbox can be pushed to the device.

10. What is Outlook Web Access?

OWA is the Microsoft Exchange Outlook web access Interface that enables you to access your Exchange server mailbox over the Internet.

11. What if my mail source is not on the list?

Please check back with us often, as we are adding new mail sources all the time. You may also place this request for our evaluation.

12. How many email accounts can I push to my UNLIMAIL account?

For Symbian users, you can sync as much email accounts as you wish. For JAVA users, you can sync as much as 5 email accounts.

13. Can I upload and download attachments using UNLIMAIL?

Yes you can upload and download attachments up to 500KB in size.

14. I can get email, but cannot send using my ISP mail

Some ISP’s limit sending email through their outgoing (SMTP) mail servers ONLY to computers that are connected to their own network.

In this case, the UNLIMAIL Gateway is not permitted to send email though this ISP’s SMTP mail server and you will only be able to receive email on your device.

15. Is my email safe using UNLIMAIL?

UNLIMAIL encrypts all the traffic using the AES128 bit encryption method, in no case is any data sent unencrypted over the UNLIMAIL infrastructure. The incoming mail is encrypted on the gateway, or on the PC Connector side and can only be decrypted by the device it is meant for. Similarly, outgoing email is encrypted on the device and can only be decrypted by the gateway

16. Does UNLIMAIL keep any of my data on its servers?

No, UNLIMAIL dos store any data on its servers, UNLIMAIL does NOT use the store-and- forward method, so data is pushed to the device ONLY when the device is connected

17. Does UNLIMAIL work in my office with the proxy server?

Yes, UNLIMAIL uses the standard http ports of your office’s proxy server, the same ports that your browser uses to connect to the Internet

18. Do UNLIMAIL people know my email password?

No, your Email password is stored encrypted on the device and is sent encrypted to the process running on the gateway.

When the device disconnects, the password is removed from the gateway memory.

19. What do I do if I lose my device?

If you misplace or lose your device, you need to change your mail account password so that if anyone finds your device cannot use UNLIMAIL to access your email account.

20. Where can I get help with my UNLIMAIL?

For help in configuring and using Globe Tattoo UNLIMAIL, you may call Globe’s 24 hr customer service hotline at 730-1000 or toll-free at 222. You can also visit the website for the UNLIMAIL user guide at

20. How do I check my registration status?

Just text UNLIMAIL STATUS to 8888.

21. If I open a HTML link on my UnliMAIL device, will browsing be free also?

No. By clicking on the HTML link, you are directed to your phone’s web browser. Once this happens, you are charged the standard Globe Mobile Internet rate of Php 5 for 15 minutes.

22. Why can’t I view, download, send attachments?

The attachment functionality will be part of the UnliMAIL upgrade on February 26, 2009.

Do note that JAVA clients can only receive and forward attachments. Also allows users to open 100kb max attachments.

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