What happens when you combine Jeepney and FX?  Are they going to crash and hit each other?

Well, you will be surprised!

On the next Coca-Cola music studio mash-up you would get to witness Yeng Constantino and Pedicab on a mash-up together!  Combining Yeng’s song “Love story sa Jeepney” and Pedicab’s “FX”

Group 2

There’s too much mention on our local automobiles but I think they are destined to be sung together!

I bet everyone can relate to both songs as I know a lot of you guys commute or at least have tried one way or another!  Sometimes you can’t help but notice some cute guy or girl with you on your ride and you’ve got that excuse to talk to him or her saying “paabot ng bayad ko”. :P  And who couldn’t relate to the FX ride.. sometimes it could be scary and uncomfortable but at times you’d get to be randomly seated next to strangers!

Oh well, I haven’t been commuting the Metro for a while (shout out to my mom for giving me a car! :), but I once commuted a lot when I was still working for a bank.

Anyway, happy commuting you guys and don’t let the Manila traffic get to you. 😛 Hopefully you can also hear the Jeepney and FX mash-up on the radio!  But, I am not so sure about that because the last time I heard, you will only hear it exclusively on Coca-Cola Music Studio!

Yeng Constantino 1 Sponge Cola 2

Yeng btw is looking good on her music video!  Shout-out to my friend Karen, Em and Rain who styles Yeng!

Anyway, here are short-cut links to the episodes of Coca-Cola Music studio:

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Initial interview of Pedicab and Yeng

Episode 4 part 1

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Episode 5 (Pedicab and Yeng Constantino Gameplan)

Rehearsals for the mash-up!

Episode 5 part 1

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Tune in to MYX every 5:30 – 6:30 pm on Sundays with replays at 7:30 – 8:00 pm every Tuesday.  The MYX TV episode is called the Coca-Cola Music studio where you will find your local favorite artists perform and whose songs will be mashed up for the very first time!

Take note that the website will post the different episodes that aired on MYX but will also have EXCLUSIVE content only uploaded on the website.

Join the fun and open happiness by visiting their site http://musicstudio.coca-cola.com.ph

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