Boracay Open Ultimate Frisbee 2011 with Hygienix

Everyone knows that I’m simply a beach person!  I’d love to imagine myself at the beach even when I’m in a busy city.  Since I daydream about the beach so often, and I dream so much about it… I sometimes find myself in one!

One day I woke up and found myself in one of my most favorite beaches in the world – Boracay.  I know it’s commercialized and all but that’s the way I like it!  Boracay has a special place in my heart and so does photography, sports and being healthy all the time!

So guess what? all the things I love was in one place!  Beach.  Frisbee.  my DSLR. and Hygienix!

I went to Boracay last weekend to cover the Boracay Open 2011 Ultimate Frisbee competition with Jane and Saab.  I know right? I was hanging out with online and offline celebrities!  Anyway, it was really a fantabulous experience hanging out with Jane, Saab, the people from Hygienix and many other people along the way.

I love taking sports shots so I bought my DSLR and long zoom lens to capture the action.  One of my rather hidden ambitions is to become a sports photographer.  I think I can do it, just give me the proper equipment and I’ll snap those memorable sporting moments away!


The Hygienix Booth – Worry Free Zone!

Hygienix has a booth near the Ultimate Frisbee games.

The booth looks really simple promoting a more hygienic way of life <3

After hours of walking, me and Jane got some fab (unlimited time) massage at the Hygienix booth!

Worry-Free Zone 🙂


The foot massage was surprisingly good!  I would like to have this machine all around Boracay in case I need a pit stop.  Boracay island stretches at around 4km and it’s no joke walking from one end to another!


Frisbee Clinic with Hygienix

On our first day, they had a Frisbee clinic.

Left to Right: X, J, H, W

Seriously, our Frisbee coaches were named X and W – WHADDUP?!?!

And so, Jane and I renamed ourselves J and H too!

That guy above of us is my friend MM 😛 6 pack abs? IKR!


X teaching me how to throw using Forehand.  It’s a pretty simple game really, but like any other sports – practice means perfect!

Jane catching the Frisbee I just throwed.

Thank you W and X for teaching us how to play Frisbee!

See you in next year’s Boracay Open! Me and Jane will be joining the Hygienix team and compete! 😛 AS IF lol ^_^


The Boracay Open 2011 Ultimate Frisbee Competition

And the games begin 🙂

This is one awesome shot of Derek Ramsay that I took using my Nikon D40 and zoom lens.

Capturing his muscles at work while throwing the Frisbee! *faints*

This was one of the games that I really stayed to watch.  It’s Boracay Dragons vs Pharmaton!

It was one exciting game indeed!  both teams were really good and it was a close competition!

Just a random, clear shot of Derek Ramsay who was playing for Pharmaton

How awesome is playing Frisbee in Boracay?

Pretty AWESOME!  Lose or win, you’re in one of the best places to chill at.  I find Boracay very relaxing and friendly 🙂

Catching the game in action as the competition tightens up!  It was a very intense game!

Got a nice portrait shot of this guy.

Before the game started…

It was actually pretty hard to follow the Frisbee wherever it goes and capture the game.  But patience is a virtue and I just kept taking shots until I captured really good ones 🙂

When you play, SPRAY!

This is their dashboard.  And as you can see, the games are pretty hectic and they have 4 courts set-up.

Fan girl alert at the background 😛

Derek Ramsay getting interviewed right after winning the game.

Found this really big sombrero that’s bigger than me! lol

Ohai! this is me, getting a super tan!

Just some random picture of a lazy dog somewhere…

Nothing beats Boracay sunset with a Red sun 😛


Party at One MGM and Summer Place

Your Boracay stay won’t be complete without the beach parties!

This is the booth of Hygienix at One MGM area where the party’s at!


Bloggers me, Jane and Saab at the Hygienix photobooth that prints not just an ordinary 4×5 picture, but a BAG TAG!


Check it out!

On the second day, Hygienix and the athletes of Boracay open partied at Summer Place.


Spotted: DJ Mike of Jam 88.3 at Guilly’s!

Thanks for letting us gate crash your party! 😛


More Artistic Photos

Boracay Sunset at Station 1

Lifeguard posts are now built and put everywhere!

This is me and the sunset!

Me, Derek and Jane <3




This picture is worth one DSLR!

Coz I was clumsy and we got super excited to have our pictures taken with Derek, my camera fell to the concrete ground 🙁

Oh well, at least the picture above is way better than the one I got with him a year ago.


Which was a total fail because I take crappy photos when I’m drunk.  And obviously, at this time – I was! >.<


*photo credits to Jane Chua

Thanks to Nuffnang, Hygienix and people from Splash who invited us to cover this event!  It was a blast!

And oh, next time you see a Hygienix booth, drop by and say Hi!

Till the next adventure,

Hannah 🙂


*This post is sponsored by Hygienix. 🙂

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