La Paz Sand Dunes, Cape Bojeador, Bangui Windmills, Paraiso ni Anton, Blue Lagoon Pagudpod

Vaseline Road Trip Day 3 – This day is the most exciting day so far!

Sand Dunes

Cape Bojeador

Bangui Windmills

Terra Rika Dive and Beach Resort

Paraiso ni Anton

Hannah’s Beach Resort

Road Trip pictures

Sand Dunes


I was so happy we dropped by!  I thought at first the Sand Dunes would look really like a dessert.  Here in the Philippines though, it rains from time to time.  Especially along the tip of the North Luzon island.  Therefore, the sand dunes had grass and stuff.

Vaseline Road Trip Day 3 - Sand Dunes (4) Vaseline Road Trip Day 3 - Sand Dunes (6)

Anyway, they said that the during sunset, this landscape would turn orange-ish, following the color of the setting sun.  I wish I could see that.  Anyway, I still had fun with the pictures!  It made me wonder where all these sand came from and how they form into this.  Too bad it rained before we visited the Sand Dunes.  On normal conditions, people sand surf here 🙂

Vaseline Road Trip Day 3 - Sand Dunes (9) Vaseline Road Trip Day 3 - Sand Dunes (7)

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Cape Bojeador image IMG_0110

This is actually one of my favorite highlights of the day.  I haven’t really heard the story of this lighthouse much.  I know though that this is the highest standing lighthouse in the Philippines.  (I suppose including the height of the mountain :P)

It’s so nice to sea the South China Sea and mountains at the same time.  The view was spectacular.  I love Philippines!


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Bangui Windmills

DSC_0024 P1050397 DSC_0029 DSC_0019

This is actually one of the things I look forward to seeing when I got invited into this trip.  I had been planning to visit this place for the longest time.  Finally, I came, I saw, I conquered… Well, not really conquered lol.


Anyway, it’s really a simple place.  This is a project of Bong Bong Marcos.  He build these simple Windmills with not much design at all.  He wanted to build simple windmills with the lowest cost as much as possible.  He didn’t expect this place to become a tourist attraction.

A lot of people, aside from us, were there to watch this spectacular marvel as well.

IMG_0122 IMG_0133 IMG_0149 IMG_0151

I appreciate the fact that they built this.  I am an environment freak and it just makes me happy to see people making an effort to make the best out of our most basic and natural resource – air.

IMG_0135 IMG_0142

Anyway, the Bangui Windmills are situated on the shores of a beach.  It was a bit hot and it was noon (12-ish) and guess what!  I forgot my Vaseline Sun Block!  Good thing I had a Vaseline Whitening Lotion inside my bag.  The lotion won’t give the same waterproof protection that the sunblock gives but it has SPF 24 which is good enough to protect your skin from UV rays.  Plus, it gives your skin, the moisture it needs – soft and smooth skin.  Vaseline Healthy White has a triple layer of protection (UVB protection: SPF 24, UVA protection: PA++ and vitamin B3).

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Terra Rika Dive and Beach Resort

IMG_0177 IMG_0184

Alas, lunch time!  I was amazed how Pagudpod has my name everywhere.  The resort that we went to had my second name “Rika” with the exact same spelling :)  Most people misspell it is “Rica” hmfpph!

P1050409 P1050410

Anyway, good lunch here… the beach had waves… but there seems to be rocks coming out, so it’s kinda dangerous for me.  Anyway, it’s a nice resort.  I noticed that it seems to be situated in the corner of the island or shoreline.  We were glad that this place had nice and fast wifi.  We hang out till 3pm.

IMG_0179 IMG_0181 P1050411

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Paraiso ni Anton


Paraiso ni Anton is actually a mini waterfalls.  We were told that this water was believed to have healing capabilities.  As a tourist group, we explored the area, moved around and took pictures.  It was really creepy because the video production crew could not turn on their camera for some reason.  Also, the next minute, it rained very hard…


We were all frazzled by the heavy rain and went back to our vans.  Then we thought, baka “they” won’t let us take videos/footage of the area.  Or maybe because we disturbed them because we were a little bit noisy… eek! creepy much.  When we left the area, the rain stopped after a minute lol.  You know what I mean by “they” right?

P1050422 P1050423

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Hannah’s Beach Resort at Blue Lagoon- Pagudpod

P1050439 P1050440

I was thrilled to see my name on the itinerary.  I’m a tourist destination!!! – not! lol.  It’s just a coincidence that probably one of the best hotels along Blue Lagoon, Pagudpod.  The beach was okay.  The sand was creamy white and was very soft (like polvoron or flour).  I think Boracay sands are more fine though.  Anyway, people want to go to Pagudpod because this is actually at the tip of Luzon.

P1050445 P1050446

We passed by many beaches but I think people like going here in Blue Lagoon to swim.  I think it’s because the water here is less wild, had less waves and has a beach break.

If in fort Ilocandia, we had separate rooms, here in Hannah’s resort we had our separate mini-houses/cabins! Wee!

P1050452 P1050453

P1050454 P1050458

Sometimes, when the weather and the sea conditions are right, there are waves here… 😀


I was happy to see a couple of surfboards parked on the wall of this resort!!! So guys, if you go Pagudpod, and there are waves, and you feel like surfing – you know where to go! ^_^

Although, I don’t think we have the time to surf… We are leaving early tomorrow at 7:30-ish (awww)  I need to plan that surf trip soon 😀

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Road Trip pictures

Apart from the landmarks and the destinations we had on the itinerary, the other thing that I enjoyed the most is the trip.  It was nice getting to know the people we are with us on the trip 🙂


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*photo credits to Jeck (for photos without my watermark)

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  1. Careful sa blue lagoon. it goes deep fast and sometimes the undercurrent is strong. better ask the manong if it’s ok to surf before heading out. Basta ang sabi nila, if you can’t surf at blue lagoon, head to Saud and vice versa.

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