Manila’s Signature Dishes: Cravings C2 Classic Cuisine

I never had any meetings or meet-ups along the Katipunan area so I never know where to go to have lunch after our TV show every Wednesday called Tek Tok TV (Tech Talk).  Our studio is located on Kalayaan ave near Katipunan area (Ateneo Campus).

I was glad to have discovered this restaurant together with other food lovers such as Nikki here who’s always ready to smile, pose and eat Smile


Adobong Sitaw with Srimp and Crispy Pork

To start off the meal, they served us an alternative for the usual salad appetizer dish.  They served us the Adobong Sitaw with shrimp and pork.  There’s a hint of coconut milk and of course, a creamy paste of adobo sauce.  I know that this is only an appetizer, but I love eating this with rice!  I told you guys, I don’t like vegetables, so I really appreciate how restaurants add veggies to meat, because it’s the only way I can eat green food – if mixed with meat Smile


Garlic Fried Rice

A Filipino meal needs a hearty amount of rice Smile


Dory Escabeche

I usually order Dory Fish when eating in Manila restaurants (especially if seafood is not a specialty) because Dory fish is the only fish that doesn’t taste “malansa” to me.  I came from the province of Bacolod where there’s an abundance of fresh fish everywhere so the quality of taste I get with the fish there is far from what I taste usually here in Manila.

The Dory Escabeche dish did not disappoint me at all.  In fact, I was impressed on the sauce it came with to add adventure to the usual bland taste of a fish fillet.  They poured just the right amount of sauce, not to drown the fillet.


Filipino Classic Redefined: Crispy Ribs Sinigang

If you are used to your usual sinigang where the meat is already added inside the soup, then you’re off to some adventure when you taste C2’s Filipino Classic Redefined – Crispy Ribs Sinigng.  It is a like a fusion of Crispy Pata and Sinigang in one dish.

I think that the thing here is to preserve the crispiness of the meat that should explode when dipped into the sour sinigang soup.  The soup’s texture was thick and one way to describe it is like melted meat tendons poured in the soup Smile I think the thick texture helps not to drench the crispiness of the meat when dipped into it.


Pastillas Panna Cotta

The simple dessert closes meal with delight.  The Panna Cotta was not so sweet, perfect to end a lovely dinner.  Their Panna Cotta tasted creamier and more milkier which I love!


The concept of C2 is redefining Filipino classic dishes. And with the addition of Crispy Ribs Sinigang, Dory Escabeche, and Pastillas Panna Cotta in the set menu, clients can experience the balance of classic Filipino tastes with a twist of modern cooking method.

Every dish at C2 was well thought of. Dishes were handpicked from different regions in the Philippines. Basic cooking methods were combined with foreign and/or modern cooking techniques adapted by the owners from their travels to have a one of a kind redefined Filipino classic restaurant.

The Crispy Ribs Sinigang is one of the best sellers at C2 Classic Cuisine. Sinigang in the Philippines has a huge following and now with C2 Classic Cuisine’s version of Sinigang, they were able to give the Sinigang lovers a new way to enjoy their favorite treat. Dory Escabeche is amongst the favorites of health conscious diners. For them, indulging need not to be as difficult as before.


Unilever Foodsolutions (UFS), being the preferred foodservice business partners among restaurateurs, felt the need to acknowledge notable restaurants who are developing Manila as a culinary city.  They have partnerered with select restaurants within the metropolis in coming up with signature dishes.  UFS has synergized with these restaurants, both through dish development and promotion campaign for these signature dishes, in achieving one common goal: coming up with a different culinary experiences that provide value for money and culinary memories for diners.

If you’re a restaurateur (or an aspiring one) and in need of help in coming with your signature dish, call (632) 588-8855 or email at [email protected].

*This is a sponsored post for Unilever Food Solutions.

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