Nestle Heaven Ice Cream: Heaven Is Where the Fridge Is

Last June 23, 2010 Nestle just launched a new brand of Ice Cream that took as all to Heaven!

Heaven Ice Cream 006

Angels guiding us to the doors of Heaven 🙂

Nestle Heaven Ice Cream is a line of premium ice cream with different kinds of flavors you probably have never tried before in commercial ice cream brands. We definitely got a taste of Heaven!

Heaven Ice Cream 052

My favorite flavor is Butter Pecan Obsession! I swear, I couldn’t count the number of scoops I ate during the event


swear… They served the mini scoop of ice cream with butter cookies… which made it more yummy!

Here are more flavors you can try!  What’s best is that these Ice Creams have no artificial food colors

image image image image

Heaven Flavors:

Belgian Chocolate Bliss

So tempting and sinful, it’s utter decadence.
Transcend all earthly pleasure and give in to the
riches, most sublime chocolate ice cream smothered
with the finest Belgian chocolate bits.

Vanilla Almond Secret

Reveals an absolutely pure, delicate and intensely
flavorful experience. Get caught in the rapture of
creamy vanilla ice cream softly-kissed with chopped
almonds, all draped in flowing caramel ripples.

Strawberry Dream

Fulfill every creamy and delectable desire when you
lose yourself in luscious strawberry and cream ice
cream, affectionately adorned with only the freshest,
most succulent strawberry pieces.

Butter Pecan Obsession

Prepare for complete obsession as you satisfy your
deepest, most indulgent cravings. Witness a mouth-
watering explosion of irresistibly soft buttery ice
cream alluringly strewn with the finest roasted

Sizes available and Prices:

800mL – Php 175
450mL – Php 115

Heaven Ice Cream 047

This is their chocolate flavor with scrapings of chocolate and cherry.

I actually have yet to get a list of their full flavors and will update you guys

Heaven Ice Cream 029

Angels are flying everywhere 😛

Heaven Ice Cream 011

Sorry it’s blurry… but this Angel is really pretty ^_^ I just love the lighting effect…

Heaven Ice Cream 016

There were also people flying on strips of cloth.

Shot this using Blackberry Curve zoomed in… (I forgot my camera :P)

Heaven Ice Cream 017

They are trained to do this… They didn’t have any harness while dancing on air…

Heaven Ice Cream 042

I think she’s their main angel model.

Heaven Ice Cream 010

Silver confetti everywhere.

Heaven Ice Cream 035

Me = Angel 😛

Heaven Ice Cream 037

Human statue 😛

I want to steal the chocolate from him.

Heaven Ice Cream 050

The only alcoholic beverage they served.

Heaven Ice Cream 051

Strawberry cream non-alcoholic cocktail

Heaven Ice Cream 025

Reunited with Nikki 🙂

Heaven Ice Cream 018

Nikki, Earth, Shen and me 🙂

Heaven Ice Cream 019

Female bloggers wee

Heaven Ice Cream 026

The room is very foggy… like we are in a fridge 😛

More Pictures

[flickr album=72157624220187821 num=50 size=Square]

now, you can get a taste of heaven yourself ^_^

so stock some Heaven in your fridge 🙂

Taste heaven here on Earth…



*photos taken using Blackberry Curve 8520 and Vince’s Olympus Digicam 😛 Want to know which camera to which photos? Click on the photos to find out. Blackberry’s camera is not bad for an emergency camera

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  2. Hi Hannah, super fast post! Nice photos, too. I’m glad I met you & the other girls pa, hope we can hang out longer next time. You’re a darling! =)

  3. Thank’s Ate Hannah because I’m so inspired when you speak in front and told you all that you’ve got opportunity to do blog. I really think so also do that so even if I’m really not too wise to make first blog I tried to make it even simple.

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