Movie Nights: The Bling Ring Premiere

Everyone wants the Good Life.  But, how do you define it?  If you think it’s all about having the lifestyle of the rich and famous, then you’ve got to earn a lot of bucks to be in it… or not!  Why not just rob the houses of celebrities and take their Chanels, Louboutins, their Rolexes and jewelry etc.?  Just get enough, enough that they won’t notice thier things are gone!  But what if you get carried away?

This is exactly what “The Bling Ring” is all about.  This movie is based on real life events.  I say “based” because it is not entirely accurate.  I’ve never heard of this “Bling Ring” gang before, but they do have the guts!  I had to do my research for this of course and looked into the real members of the Bling Ring gang.

*Spoiler Alert*

There isn’t much to spoil actually because the main gyst of the story is just all about robbing houses of high profile celebrities and that’s it.  If you want to know more about the real Bling Ring Members, you can check out a detailed story here.

What is pretty interesting here, is one of the members of the gang is actually currently filming for their own E! reality show “Pretty Wild.”   Actually, all of the members got famous after getting arrested.  Which goes to show that America (or the world) has a sick obsession about the “Bonnie and Clyde” syndrome.

If you want to know 41 little known facts about the real Bling Ring members, check this out.  Like Paris Hilton ‘cried’ while watching The Bling Ring.

The movie was pretty okay in general.  You have to watch it to catch Emma Watson portraying a more mature, more “wild” role.  I wasn’t used to her being a bit dumb and aloof in this movie.  Great American accent too, none of the smart british tone.  You also need to watch this movie if you love fashion.  They had so many pretty and shiny things!

The Bling Ring Fashion – drool for the things they stole!

Towards the end of the movie, Emma Watson would ask you to follow her blog – however, the real blog of Alexis (played by Emma Watson) is

The Bling Ring is now showing in SM Cinemas near you.


*Thank you SM Supermalls for the premiere movie tickets.

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