Sex on Fire

Last Monday, January 18 2010… some blogger friends and I went to hang at Mag:net to rock our night away!

We don’t usually organize this rockeoke night.  We just text each other if we’re game… then if the majority is free then we’ll rock it like a rockstar!  At this night I was with Carlos, Judd, Mica, Marcelle and a Rockeoke virgin – Benj!

Rockeoke Night

(btw, see!!! I’m wearing jeans again!  That’s the new Jeans I got from the Levi’s Modern Vintage Collection)

Rockeoke Night

Judd is the multitasker of the month… Check out the cam-whoring while singing on stage XD lmfao

First to sing was Judd with ___ ? eh… sorry I forgot the title of the song you sang because I was not so familiar with it T___T

Then they called my name…

Rockeoke Night

It’s my turn!!! … I seriously need to reapply some lipstick T___T

I sang “Sex on Fire” because I wanted to rock it like a rockstar!  My blogger friends were lovely for supporting me and applauding me even if I get out of pitch… love yah gaiz…

Then sang Mica with “Total Eclipse of the Heart” … Man, you should have seen her!  I think she’s a rockeoke virgin as well… and her rockeoke cherry popped just right yeah!  I just realized that I don’t have a picture of Mica singing ‘coz I was recording her in video using her LX3 while she performed… Let’s just wait ’till she uploads the video 😉 *wink* *wink*

Rockeoke Night

After a long nights worth of waiting, finally Carlos’ name was called… he sang “Sweet Child of Mine” and everyone in our group was just doing so well!!!

Rockeoke Night

Next sang Benj and I was really AMAZED like wow!!! This dude’s got some talent! serious! It was his first time on rockeoke yet he sang as if he did this for the past 10 years!  I’m starting to get to know Benj and hanging out with him is just fun… and you’ll see how he’s really into his performances, two thumbs up dude!

Overall, I say the night was just too much fun that it’s kind of “bitin” (potong stim)

Oh well, rockeoke nights are every week so we can just keep coming back.

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  1. Woot! Benj and Mica ftw! i have to hear these guys sing. Han han we didnt get to meet while I was in manila 🙁 Anyway, hopefully next time we get to meet when I go back to manila.

    Rock on han han!!

  2. Nyahaha oo nga nasa akin ang vids at pics LOL. I noticed you were concentrating on my legs at the video LOL. Mamboboso 😛

    Maybe I should blog about our Rockeoke night later before i leave for Cebu haha 😛

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