Singing to the Tune of Global Karaoke Entertainment

Only an international entertainment hub would understand that more than just getting a perfect score, true karaoke is a multi-sensory experience.

This is especially true in the Philippine karaoke scene where in the past, karaoke bars were viewed as sleazy, noise generating nuisances. Several attempts to make karaoke a more palatable experience popped left and right, but none gave the discerning, music-loving market a venue edgy and savvy enough to suit their taste.

But in 2003, Red Box, a leading karaoke bar in Hong Kong and Malaysia, splashed a new color to the metro’s karaoke industry, one that exudes global sophistication. Since then, Red Box was able to redefine the concept of the genuine karaoke experience as something that is chic and classy–a destination anchored on the diversity of entertainment options.

“The needs of the Filipino karaoke market have evolved – they became well traveled, more modern, and greatly aware of the options available to them. They put premium on technology, style, and fun. And for a music loving nation whose demands are changing, I believe that Red Box is all of these – a fashionable place for cosmopolitan karaoke experience and more,” says Paolo del Rosario, Marketing Director of Red Box.

A fusion of music, dining, leisure and recreation, Red Box has delighted aspiring singers, food connoisseurs, laid back drinkers, rowdy gamers, and even top notch executives

Songs to Last the Whole Night Long

Red Box is probably holds the distinction of being a karaoke bar that holds the most extensive song selection in the market today. With approximately 100, 000 songs and music videos that is updated on a weekly basis, enthusiasts can choose from the classic favorites like Frank Sinatra’s My Way,  to Britney Spears’ latest hit, to Regine Velasquez’s newest single, defining Red Box is a music oasis where anyone can sing his or her heart out in style.


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Drink and Dine the Global Way

Most karaoke bars don’t pay much attention to their food and drink offerings. How many times have you gone to a karaoke and ordered the usual sisig along with a conventional beer brand prepared and served in the same way bystanders in a sari-sari store do it?

Red Box’s dining experience and menu is at par with the best restaurants in the city. Guided by culinary experts, Red Box offers a delectable selection of gastronomic delights ranging from local, Asian, continental and even vegetarian dishes. It is also the first karaoke bar to open at lunch time, providing metropolitan gourmands additional dining destinations.

To complement the menu, Red Box offers a variety of non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages. Quench your thirst after an intense song with skillfully prepared cocktail drinks like all time favorites Margarita and Sex on the Beach; top international beer brands like Stella Artois and Corona, and internationally renowned gourmet coffees and teas from The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.

World Class Leisure and Recreation Haven

Red Box also features a mix of leisure and recreational facilities that adds a sophisticated twist to your karaoke experience. This unique offering also enables you and your family or friends to gather in one place despite of varying interests. Whether you opt to play a game of pool, battle it out on the poker table or simply lounge in the karaoke bar’s comfy sofa, Red Box makes sure that nobody will be left out of the fun.

The Hue of International Karaoke Experience

With Red Box’s extensive and well thought of services, today’s more sophisticated urbanites can enjoy a karaoke experience that is comparable to how most first class cities in the world enjoy their own. “Before Red Box, the karaoke business has never been taken seriously. Mixing art, technology and a lot of fun, we want our customers to sing, eat, drink, play and lounge in the distinctly global Red Box way,” says Paolo.

Experience a different level of karaoke high. Red Box has branches in Greenbelt 3 and Trinoma. For more information and inquiries, please call 757-6188 or visit

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