Smart Live All Out LABORacay Weekend

Living in the present moment creates the experience of eternity.
― Deepak Chopra

Age is attitude.  We can live youthful forever!

Cues Ke$ha’s song “Let’s make the most of the night like we’re gonna die young.”  and Taylor Swifts “I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 22” and all the crazy fun songs that just embodied our Laboracay weekend with Smart Live All Out Party!

I hope you did follow #SmartLiveAllOut hashtag on Twitter and instagram.  We have been posting all our photos of the fun-filled weekend!  I hope there’s a part 2 because I just want more of this!

Here’s a recap of my FUN weekend that was, but will always be in my heart LIVE ALL OUT!!!

I broke my personal record!

Longest stay in Boracay (8 days, 7 nights!) one fully loaded week!

Longest simultaneous partying (7 nights)

achieved 80% alcohol in my blood (I kid you! I have a very nice functional liver and I drink wheatgrass)

Fell in love with a stranger (may ganon? joke lang!) more of like, grabbed a stranger and danced with him (so he can save us from some jeje trying to *BS* me and my friend)

Swam by the beach at night! (shhhhhh!!!)

Ran out of clothes and become creative.

Won a random spinning elephant contest!

Took paraw sailing to a different level, walked by the edge of the boat’s stabilizers and high fived someone from another boat (Lance DeOcampo) while running!

Danced on top of the DJ’s stage!

I definitely lived ALL OUT!

Me and my friends arrived on April 27.  We were warming up for the Labor Day weekend festivities.

as the labor day weekend comes close and closer, more parties, more friends, more fun!

The only thing I love about beach parties: you don’t have to wear heels, you can dance barefoot, you wear comfortable clothing (uh-huh) and you get to swim when it gets too hot and malagkit!

Best part: you don’t have to drive home!  You can just sleep by the sand and no one cares! (I kid :P)

Comes May 2 and my blogger friends arrived from Manila!

I love my roomies! @alyssalapid and @shensaddiction

We stayed at Boracay Garden Hotel

We LOOOOVE our room!  We have pool access by our Balcony, spacious room and not-so-pricey mojitos by the pool bar!

Seriously guys, I brought work with me (because I work from home gala!)

As long as there is internet, I can work from wherever I am, super thanks to SMART LTE prepaid broadband for making this possible!

Here’s how my sched looks like:

6 – 4pm   WORK (excel sheets, html and graphix shizz)

4pm onwards at White House to party

9 pm go home to freshen up

10 pm dinner

11 pm EPIC / Tides

2am go home

Guys, it’s the only thing I know how to do “Work Hard, Play Hard”


With fashion bloggers @verniecenciso @lush_angel and @vernenciso

Partying non-stop at White House Boracay, EPIC and finally Uptown #SmartLiveAllOut Music Fest!

We beat a guy playing this random game called “spinning elephant!”

We did dares LIVE! broadcated on

beauty blogger @mikkigalang was also in the area <3

L-R: @verniecenciso @mikkigalang @vernenciso @flaircandy @alyssalapid

Mode of transportation in Boracay: your feet or trike!

Paraw sailing with fashion, beauty and entertainment bloggers and smart team: @lancedeocampo @flowgalindez @mangyanblogger @shensaddiction @tobielstjohn @irislaotan

This relaxing paraw sailing totally gave me a zen moment.  From hyper parties to relaxation mode!

You can never go wrong catching a Boracay sunset.  It will always take your breath away. #nofilter

Dinner with the bloggers and smart team before partying!

at Sun down, the party people of boracay were treated to an All Out Music Festival with performances from some of the country’s finest artists to celebrate youthful victories. Bands and DJs that rocked the event are The Oktaves, Yolanda Moon, Brigada, Funk Avy, Callum David, Scratchmark, Thea, and David Ardiente.

We had to say goodbye to Boracay on Saturday, but our journey didn’t end there!

To embody our theme for this week to “LIVE ALL OUT,”  we flew to Cebu just to eat Zubuchon!!!


kami na talaga! Us already!

When I arrived at Manila airport… I zoomed as fast as I can to my photoshoot…

I love this life I live!  It’s so full of action and energy

And so Living All Out continues.  Please free your June 1 7pm to watch our Stellar Broadway Pole summer show at SM North Sky Dome.  See you!!!



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  1. Cliff diving! PArty, Epic, poi/fire dancers, real coffee, jonah’s and jony’s fruit shake, chori burger, water activities, white house party and just enjoy the beach ^_^

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