Social Media Resolutions

Before I left Boracay, I visited Vietura at Sofitel and chanced upon a wonderful surprise by their lobby.  For a Social Media person like me, I appreciate what the Sofitel team had in mind for Social Media Week.

Went to Vietura to get my tummy shaped before my Boracay trip!

and a wonderful surprise awaited everyone in Sofitel’s lobby!

They decorated their lobby’s centerpiece with very familiar icons!

I just had to participate

Hence, here are my Social Media resolutions for the year.

  1. I shall limit selfie posts to once a day.  (what? huge sacrifice I say so… yeah :P)
  2. I shall avoid touching my phone or my laptop when I am emotionally vulnerable, to avoid posting stuff I will soon regret.
  3. I should not get affected by trolls! (they will only give me wrinkles)
  4. I should verify facts on my own before believing everything that’s being shared online.
  5. I shall not spam!
  6. I should block people who spam my Facebook / Twitter / Instagram feeds, nakaka-BV! nakaka-stress!
  7. I should not tag people when they are not in the photo and “un-friend” friends who tag ugly photos of me! (just kidding!!! :P)
  8. I should always be “picture-ready” in case someone takes a picture and tags me!
  9. I should only use relevant hashtags on my posts.

Sorry, can’t help it 😛 #selfie

Anyway, if you’ve got your own Social Media resolutions, feel free to share them on the comment section below 🙂

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