The Nuffnang Blog Awards – first international blog event

I know this post is super delayed!

Anyway, I’ll just let you go through the most elegant blogging event I have ever been – The Nuffnang Blog Awards. How elegant? It was held in Singapore!! ! – at the grand ballroom of Pan Pacific Hotel.  I think there were around 400 bloggers from the region (Singapore, Malaysia, Australia and the Philippines).  20 bloggers represented the Philippines (and it includes me) LUCKY!!!  I was one of the lucky winners of the Pringles and Uniquely Singapore contest and I was sent to Singapore with other Nuffies!jane

As you know, I just arrived from my Formula1 Singapore trip as well and yet I’m back? There’s just much to love about Singapore! and this event is definitely my chance to finally meet Tim, Ming, Mike, Robb, and Jessica!!! They are the ones I frequently talk to or stalk with online hahaha! and I finally got to meet them!

First of all, Thank you to the Nuffnang, Pringles, Uniquely Singapore, Canon and Link Hotel for making this experience possible!

You know how much of a Nuffnang fan I am… I have my whole Nuffnang story (even before they came here in the Philippines) all over my blog.  See my posts about Nuffnang  here, here and here. 😛

In this trip, I also had many firsts.  It was my first blog event outside of the country.  It was my first Nuffnang Awards.  It was the first time I am with Nyoks outside the country…  For the first time I met Mr. Poe… also I got to meet the other bloggers… first time in Mint Museum… first time to finally have a Singaporean friend… and so on and so forth!

I considered this ONE BIG Birthday gift for me!  This trip has been symbolical.  It’s like the celebration of a “New Me.”  With a lot of new stuff in my life… car, career, friends, possibly love…  What else could get better?  While I’m lucky, I’m gonna make the most out of it 🙂

At the Awards Night, I didn’t bring any camera *paiseh* … I had a really tiny bag and I thought I’d rather mingle around.  All my companions have cameras with them anyway so all the pictures below have been grabbed from Ada, Maki and Ms. Noemi.

10-26-2009 8-25-14 PM

This is me … in 10mm wide angle.. so I’m stretched horizontally T__T


Mica, me and Maki all dressed up 😛 (all the single ladies :P)


All the Filipina ladies at Link Hotel Lobby… ready for the glam party!  This is also the first time I met Alodia, Ashley, Fran, Jen and Frances 🙂

When I say ELEGANT… well this is how it looks!  I can’t help but feel super lucky!  This was held at one of Pan Pacific’s ballrooms.

Frances and me at the registration

from noemi

I finally met Tim!!! (co-founder of Nuffnang)  I’m surprised he recognized either me or my blog.  That’s what I get if I comment too often on his blog LOL.  If he’s so nice online, he’s definitely nicer in person!  He never tires of smiling… the whole night he just had that friendly grin! 🙂

Thanks to miss Noemi for this special picture!

with the Nuffies, Jane, Ashley and me

I somehow found myself posing with the Malaysian bloggers :)  To bad Mike didn’t introduce me to them, I would have wanted to get to know them :P  yah… If you find yourselves here, please drop a comment by so that I can link you 😉

We were at Table 7 🙂


Audrey (Tim’s Princess) and me. 🙂 I kept on calling her “Princes” because she looks like one 🙂 she’s really adorable, approachable and friendly 🙂 very very pretty too!


I think we’re both 4-feet something haha

9527_160973036126_560746126_2758980_594125_n Rob Chew and me 🙂

I don’t know if he knows that I have a crush on him hahaha… and I finally have a picture with him!!! I’m such a fan girl lol… Ladies, IKR… too bad for us he’s gay… a very hawt one woot!


me with Kenny Sia – very famous Malaysian blogger winner of “Most Entertainment Blog”  … Look at me… so starstruck lol


Another photo of Jehz, Mica and me with Kenny Sia


with Wendy a.k.a. Xia Xue 😀 she’s a doll

Wendy won THREE awards! She won most influential, best original blog design and Region’s best blog.


me and Jess a.k.a. Benjicajess my Malaysian friend and fellow shouter

Nuffnang Blog Award 2009

and of course.. Mike Yip and me.  This guy I’ve been stalking so that I can get access to Formula 1 drivers lol… anyway, he’s a good buddy online I’m so glad I was able to meet him finally!


Patty and me when the event’s almost done and we were just waiting for the bus 🙂

pictures grabbed from Jane Chua:

me and Anton of

me and Jonel of

me and Penton who works for Nuffnang Malaysia 😀

The complete list Nuffnang Blog Awards 2009 of winners:

Congratulations to all winners and to all the nominees as well!  Being a part of the final set of nominees is honoring enough, you are one of the best – in the Region! Congratulations!

Best Blog Shop –
Best Food Blog –
Best Fashion Blog –
Best Parenting Blog –
Best Travel Blog –
Best Celebrity Blog –
Best Entertainment Blog –
Best Geek Blog –
Best Original Blog Design –
Most Influential Blog –
Best Hidden Gem –
Region’s Best Blog –

Congratulations to Ferds for winning the Best Travel Blog!

Ferdz of

List of Galleries to the Nuffnang Blog Awards:

Official Gallery

Flair Candy Gallery – Uniquely Singapore tour

Maki Eduardo Gallery

AdaPhobic Gallery

Jehzlau-Concepts Gallery

Yoshke Dimen’s Gallery

Noemi Dado’s Gallery

Alodia Gosiengfiao’s Gallery

Ivy Baldoza’s Gallery

Blog Posts about the Nuffnang Blog Awards

Timothy Tiah


Mike Yip (photos)

Benjicajess (video and photo coverage)





Ada Lajara


Noemi’s Post and Video Coverage with interviews

Jane Chua

Anton Diaz

Mr. Gadget

Got a blog post or gallery of the Nuffnang blog awards?

Please do leave a comment below and include the link to your blog post or gallery and I will include it in my list! 🙂

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  2. Hannah! You’ve got to have been Miss Congeniality at the event! Everyone’s blog post about the awards had you, even Tim and “Princess”!!! Nuffnang should definitely give you that award. Miss Congeniality! Miss ya =D

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  4. Hahaha not really, I’ve known some of them even before pa 🙂 After I have known more about you, you have become one of my personal inspirations 🙂 Like “someday I want to be like her” 😀 it sure was a fun experience noh… Hope to see you in future events!

  5. Hey Hannah,

    Thanks for including me in this post! 🙂

    It was awesome to meet some pinoy bloggers, I’m just disappointed that I didn’t get to hang out with you guys a bit more. What group were you guys in on the Singapore Tour? I was in Group A.

    Well hopefully next year again?


    P.S. You looked stunning on the night 🙂

  6. All the philippine bloggers are so elegant!!! I expected at least a bit more rough housing. Blogging and Bloggers are certaintly growing up…

  7. I wanna ask you for the photo for some time dy… Thanks for showing here. I had downloaded it.

    Hope we have more chance to take photo again 🙂

    Nice day!

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